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An invitation to authors

If you're an enthusiastic elementary teacher or teacher educator with great ideas that you've implemented in the classroom, w -More

Ohio students welcome visiting peers from China


Wash. lawmakers moved by student testimony to reject PE bill

Washington state lawmakers have rejected legislation that would have barred students -- who participate in ROTC and other ele -More

Elective course focuses on improving racial inequality

The Oakland Unified School District in California has introduced the elective "Mastering Our Cultural Identity: African Ameri -More

Free Internet now available in some low-income communities


Ideas for training young digital citizens

Student-led social media accounts allow students to become global learners and speakers, second-grade teacher Kayla Delzer ex -More

Common Core lawsuit dropped by new La. governor

Louisiana Gov.  -More

Education Department seeks to restore balance to testing

The US Department of Education announced Tuesday it will offer assistance to states seeking to streamline standardized testin -More

Teacher shares steps to help students become storytellers

Teaching students how to become storytellers is familiar to international teacher Matthew James Friday, who writes that he ha -More

Calif. 5th-graders act out study of "taxation without representation"

Fifth-graders at a California elementary school recently participated in Boston Tea Party-themed protests against "taxation w -More


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