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Is there a difference in reading in print, digital devices?

Students need to learn how to read print and online texts, high-school English teacher Abigail Walthausen writes in this comm -More

Social studies teacher reveals challenges of becoming a leader

Mo. district holds Technopalooza event for teachers

A Missouri school district recently held Technopalooza, a conference featuring dozens of professional-development sessions on -More

Teacher-leadership effort boosts student achievement in Ore.

About 40 school districts in Oregon have adopted the CLASS project model, which means "creative leadership achieves student s -More

What is a teacher-powered school?

Teachers in teacher-powered schools have more autonomy in choosing curricula and collaborate with administrators and peers, a -More

How to help students become media literate

Students need to engage in thoughtful analysis of the news, writes author and consultant Frank Baker.  -More

Social Studies and Exceptional Learners

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New from NCSS! Carefully designed lesson plans for teaching economics, geography, history, and civics to exceptional learners.

Authors Darren Minarik and Timothy Lintner bring together the latest research in special education and social studies in this easy-to-use guide for educators at all levels from elementary through high school. Minarik and Lintner offer carefully designed lesson plans for teaching economics, geography, history, and civics to exceptional learners at each of the elementary, middle, and high school levels. The lessons are aligned with the national social studies standards and the C3 Framework for social studies state standards.

Warren ZanesWarren Zanes, a New York Times bestselling author and producer of the Oscar-winning documentary Twenty Feet from Stardom, will address the 96th NCSS Annual Conference, being held in Washington D.C., December 2-4, 2016.

Social Education May/June 2016

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SE Mar/Apr 2016
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Social Studies and the Arts


A Vision of Powerful Teaching and Learning in the Social Studies


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