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Principles for Learning

Principles for Learning is a joint statement developed by National Council for the Social Studies in cooperation with six other organizations representing 250,000 content-area teachers, administrators, educational technology specialists and other educators.   --> read more »


Consensus Recommendations for a Well-Rounded Education

On July 29 at a policy briefing on Capitol Hill, National Council for the Social Studies joined ASCD and other education organizations in presenting "Consensus Recommendations for a Well-Rounded Education." The recommendations are a response to the continuing prioritization of reading and math over other subjects in the No Child Left Behind Act and in the Obama administration’s Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) blueprint and FY11 budget request.   --> read more »


Maryland Social Studies Task Force Report

The Maryland Social Studies Task Force has released a report on social studies education in Maryland. Acknowledging the challenges faced by social studies over the past decade, including the unintended marginalization of social studies disciplines caused by NCLB, the social studies task force made nine recommendations in its report that are "intended to reverse social studies’ decline." Key recommendations include establishing standards governing instructional time; administering a statewide social studies assessment in elementary and middle school; increasing social studies course requirements for prospective teachers; and launching a campaign to gain public support for more and better social studies instruction.


NCSS President-Elect on News Segment Regarding Texas Board of Education revisions of TEKS for Social Studies

Over the weekend NCSS President-Elect Steven Goldberg was reached for comment and taped on a Channel One News segment regarding the Texas Board of Education revisions to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for social studies.   --> read more »


John Moore Elected NCSS Vice President

John_Moore.jpgJohn Moore, Associate Professor in the School of Teacher Education at Western Kentucky University has been elected vice president of National Council for the Social Studies. Dr. Moore will begin his term July 1, 2010 and is in line to serve as president of NCSS in 2012.   --> read more »


NGA and CCSSO Draft of the “Common Core State Standards for ELA and Literacy in History/Social Studies and Science"

Last week, in a last minute effort NCSS contacted its state affiliate, associated group, community and listservs with an urgent request to submit feedback at regarding National Governors Association and Council of Chief State School Officers’ draft of the “Common Core State Standards for English Laguage Arts (ELA) and Literacy in History/Social Studies and Science   --> read more »


Social Studies and NCLB Op-Ed in Atlanta Journal Constitution

The Atlanta Journal Constitution published an Op-Ed in the April 7 issue on NCLB and the importance of social studies in the classroom.


On the Development of State Social Studies Standards

The revision of the Texas social studies standards is generating hot debate and strong opinions, and this is no surprise. Because the subjects that compose social studies touch upon cultural, societal and political topics, social studies generates the most controversy when decisions are made regarding what is taught to students. It is important, therefore, that the development of standards for social studies relies on strong scholarship rather than politics.   --> read more »


Historians speak out against proposed Texas textbook changes

Education Brief, Washington Post
March, 18. 2010

Historians speak out against proposed Texas textbook changes
By Michael Birnbaum

Historians on Tuesday criticized proposed revisions to the Texas social studies curriculum, saying that many of the changes are historically inaccurate and that they would affect textbooks and classrooms far beyond the state's borders.   --> read more »

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