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Literacy Strategies and Learning Practices in Middle School Geography Classrooms

Cause/effect, compare/contrast, and problem-solving skills are emphasized in core ELA standards and are applicable in geography instruction. Explore active learning strategies and practices used to teach them in geography classrooms.

Globalization, Economics, and McDonald's: Teachers and University Faculty Teach Together

Middle school teachers and university faculty planned and co-taught an interdisciplinary unit about globalization and economics, centered around McDonald's. Curriculum and strategies for collaboration between teachers and college faculty will be presented.

Exploring Civic Responsibility through the Progressive Era

Explore the ways in which the Tenement Museum uses the history of the Progressive Era to engage students in the work of past reformers and inspire contemporary civic participation.

Looking through the Kaleidoscope: Investigating Multiple Perspectives with Preservice Teachers

Literacy inquiry stations, which integrate social studies and literacy, can powerfully teach multiple perspectives. Learn how to use them with preservice teachers, and leave with resources to get you started.

Facing the CCSS and C3: Teaching Argumentative Writing and Inquiry

How can we teach reading, writing, and history? How can we help students write better? The curriculum we share has helped academically diverse students think historically and write stronger arguments.

“Changing Your Life” from Student Teacher to Professional Educator

Interactive presentation for preservice educators. Proven methods will focus on transitioning from college to professional career, interviewing techniques, networking and more. Bring your résumé! Underclasspersons attendance encouraged.

Socratic Seminar for Social Justice Conversation

Socratic Seminar is facilitated discussion that teaches students to ask questions, engage in dialogue, and to understand complex content. It's an excellent way to engage in issues of social justice.

The Mind as a Gateway to Learning

Biology, cognitive load, mindfulness, stress, and anxiety all have an impact on learning. Find out what researchers are discovering about these connections.

Creating and Sustaining a History Book Club for Professional Development

This session discusses a joint professional development effort of Little Rock School District and the History Department faculty from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

What are They Singing about? Musicians sometimes Know the Past

Popular music often addresses the issues of today. Yet, some songs tell the story of past historical events that correspond to primary source documents from that time period.


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