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Can You Say Hallelujah? Teaching about Religion in Schools

What can be taught about religion in public schools? How can religion be integrated to promote tolerance and global awareness? We’ll share ideas for games, discussion, and activities! Materials provided.

Heroines on Horseback: Packhorse Librarians and Frontier Nurses of Appalachia

Heroes come in all shapes, sizes, and genders. This interactive session will explore the story of nurses and librarians who heroically served Appalachian communities on horseback. Lesson materials provided.

Beyond Biography: Rethinking Women’s History Month to Inspire Civic Action

Explore a technology- and literacy-driven approach to Women’s History Month, promoting active citizenship, civic leadership, and collaborative biography. Participants receive lesson plans, graphic organizers, and resources for the elementary classroom.

It's Elementary! A Technology Grab Bag Supporting Common Core Implementation!

This session will share over 20 technology resources appropriate for elementary educators! Learn to capture video using Firefox, explore Animoto, discover cool Google tools, learn about Prezi and Glogging too!

Crossing Borders: Building Geography and Language Concepts through Arts Integration

Meet children who live 300 miles south of the Arizona border, and are learning English and geography concepts through arts integration. Take away exciting CCSS lessons for any K-3 classroom.

Children’s Literature: Using UDHR as a Framework for Developing Elementary Social Justice Lessons

This session addresses social justice and political rights and opportunities using the Universal Declaration of Human Rights framework. Identification of problems and remedies using children’s literature and collaborations are presented.

Team Based Learning: Putting the Spark into Content Area Reading

The ability to analyze text is critical for literacy development in social studies classes. Participate in an engaging strategy and assessment that promotes student collaboration and deeper comprehension of texts.

Social Studies Strategies that Get to the Core of Learning

The Instruction Community shares several “teacher-tested” best practice methods for delivering meaningful, active learning experiences to K-12 students, with special emphasis on differentiating instruction and closing the achievement gap.

Economy OR Environment?: Starting to Teach for Ecological Citizenship

Using data from a recurring public opinion polling question, this session examines one way middle level (but really all) teachers can begin to teach social studies for ecological citizenship.

Let the International Games Begin: Landmark 2013!

Landmark Project: International collaboration among student-researchers developing geographic, communication, collaborative-problem-solving, and global competencies across cultures and languages. Ninety teams from 3 continents in this challenging 4-week social studies competition.


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