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How to Maintain Curriculum Currency in a Constantly-Changing World

Sample lesson plans integrating traditional literature, social media, online collaborative and content-curating tools help teachers meet the challenges of currency and student engagement by examining today’s democracy movements in the Middle East and North Africa.

Teaching Historical, Geographical, and Environmental Perspectives on Climate Change

Controversial topics offer opportunities to integrate multiple aspects of social studies. Incorporate assessment of natural systems and human choices in history with analysis and civic engagement to discuss climate change.

Using Digital Geo-Tools to Teach Disciplinary Literacy in Social Studies

Attendees will explore three ways of encouraging disciplinary literacy using readily accessible geospatial tools. Attendees will use these tools to develop projects with connections to Common Core Standards for literacy.

Using C-SPAN to Engage and Inform your Students

Discover how C-SPAN Classroom’s free primary source materials on Congress, American history, and public affairs enhance social studies curriculum and cultivate students’ critical thinking skills to promote informed citizenship.

A Classroom They’ll Remember: Creating Engaged Citizens while Incorporating the Common Core

Standards getting in the way of teaching what’s really important in social studies? Build the bridge between Common Core and civic engagement. Leave with ready-to-use strategies, handouts and free curriculum.

Remembering Newtown: Memorialization, Collective Memory, and a National Historic Narrative

How are we remembering and memorializing the events in Newtown? How do we balance memorializing the individuals, with a broader national collective memory of the event?

Social Studies Comes Alive with Common Core

Understanding relationships between social studies and Common Core Literacy at the elementary level is essential. We will explore ways to use literacy strategies to enhance student understanding of U.S. history.

Peace Table Talks: Bringing Historic Figures back to the Table

Transform your classroom Peace Table into a place for your students to rewrite history and resolve conflicts between historic figures. Social justice empowers students to envision a more peaceful future.

Let's Go to School....around the World!

Learn how children can gain a global perspective by exploring where children from around the world go to school, how they travel to school, and what they learn in school.

Common Core and Disciplinary Literacy in the Social Studies Classroom

This presentation will provide strategies for addressing discipline literacy and the Common Core in the social studies classroom; specifically history, economics, geography and civics using primary and secondary sources.


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