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Predicting US Supreme Court Decisions: The Case for Same-Sex Marriage

This interactive session analyzes historic efforts to extend full and equal civil rights through the US Supreme Court with a focus on the case for same-sex marriage. Handouts provided.

MRH-Elementary: School As Museum

Learn how to transform your school into a museum. Teachers and students of Maplewood/Richmond Heights Elementary School will share their school metaphor: School as Museum.

Bolstering the Common Core through Social Studies: Meaningful Inquiry-Based Learning

Presenting an inquiry-based narrative—setting, characters, and plot. Reading and writing come alive as students apply social studies understandings in real world contexts. Strategies for integrating the Common Core shared.

Rockin’ in the Ancient World: Musical Tours in Middle School

Take a fantastic voyage to ancient civilizations through rap, rock, and pop songs that will leave your students dancing and learning at the same time. Learn a Gangnam-style routine.

Partnerships: Revolutionizing Content, Common Core and Civil Discourse

Discover how partnerships between schools and museums help to integrate historical content and common core standards. Explore lessons on the American Revolution leading to appropriate formats of civil discourse today.

Common Core: Integrating and Applying to the Social Studies Classroom

Join TCI to discover how you can integrate Common Core Standards into your instruction without reinventing the wheel. You'll look at Common Core and your content in a new way.

Contemplating Our Collective Human Story: A New Online Learning Community

This interactive session introduces Out of Eden: Project Zero’s Learning Community – a free, international, online project related to journalist Paul Salopek’s epic walk around the world.

High-Quality Interdisciplinary Lesson Design: Integrating Technology

Discussing interdisciplinary subject ideas, participants will gain insight into integrating social studies, English Language Arts, and technology standards into classroom lesson plans as demonstrated in eMINTS classrooms around the world.

Facilitating Student Learning in the Social Studies: Teacher Education and Technology

Do you teach social studies methods for teacher candidates? Strategies to motivate teacher candidates to teach social studies that enhances student learning will be presented and discussed.

Standards-Based Technology Integration: Student-Created Documentary Films in Social Studies

In the current standards-based environment, many social studies teachers look for opportunities to engage their students in meaningful, substantive work while simultaneously keeping to the pacing guide. In this session, participants will be introduced to a research-based process for student documentary film creation designed and tested for the standards-based classroom.


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