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Middle Level-Jr. High School

Kids Act: Inspiring Social Action with Interdisciplinary Project-Based Learning

Can you create socially responsible middle schoolers? Engage with fellow participants and utilize PBL to design standards-based interdisciplinary units that provide students with authentic ways to take social action.

Listening to History: Creating Oral Histories to Explore Social Issues

Oral history allows students to be active, engaged participants in their education. By using primary sources and interviews, social issues that relate to the current standards can be explored.

Exploring Story in History: Integrating History and English Language Arts

This presentation and discussion provides an overview of our interdisciplinary, collaborative America's Story program, with a synopsis of curriculum, highlights of successful activities and assessments, and future plans.

Transforming K-8 Geography through Technology: Four Classroom Strategies

Participants will learn 4 new strategies for teaching geography in K-8. Bring your own device and try them out with us!

Say What? Creating Socially Responsible Citizens in Urban Middle Schools

Foster the promotion of socially responsible young citizens in an urban middle school by creating and initiating innovative lessons driven by student interest in current social issues and events.

Superheroes in Gotham: Comic Books in Historical Context

What do comics teach us about the past? Using sources from the exhibition Superheroes in Gotham, participants will examine the history of comic books through the lens of social responsibility.

Uncovering the Past through Interdisciplinary Learning Strategies

Throughout this interactive presentation, a variety of historical themes, civil inequalities, and analytic techniques are exposed as the audience delves into interdisciplinary study through the novel, The Curse of Caste.

Immigration Nation: Cultural Change over Time in one Great State

In this session, attendees will gather around a giant map of Texas. Presented are ready-to-go inquiry-based ideas for teaching immigration and culture through the lens of shared social responsibility.

Mining Our Future? Teaching about Controversial Environmental issues

Sulfide mining: is it the answer to economic stagnation or will it cause environmental destruction? Join us to gain ideas on how to teach environmental issues in your own community.

Bring History Alive! with TCI

Join TCI in discovering powerful methods that will help students experience history first-hand and relate their knowledge to current and real world issues.


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