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Middle Level-Jr. High School

Becoming a National Geographic Certified Educator

Become one step closer to a National Geographic Educator Certification in this interactive session and join an elite group of educators changing the world through empowering students.

Applying Amazing Google Apps and Extensions

Learn to use highly effective tools with students in social studies to engage and create while using non-fiction texts and addressing essential questions.

A Nineteenth Century Rosa Parks: Using Documents to Promote Historical Empathy

Rosa Parks is a familiar historical figure, but who was Elizabeth Jennings? This presentation includes strategies on how to promote historical empathy by using documents to assess Jennings' historical contributions.

Transforming Your Classroom through Experiences in the Mississippi Delta

Come experience the Mississippi Delta through slideshows, film, song, realia, and food samples. Participants will see, hear, smell, touch, and taste a sampling of diverse elements that converge in the Delta. Luther Brown who created the NEH MS Delta, describes the Delta as both a place and a mindset: ‘The Delta is also the American story shrunk in time and space.” The dichotomies of the Delta fuel active lessons that touch students deeply. Panelists will share these K-12 lessons taught in their classrooms across America, and share links for a wealth of additional lessons and background material available online. Find out how to participate in the NEH Landmarks Workshop: Mississippi Delta: the Most Southern Place on Earth, and how you can order the Emmett Till traveling museum panels that can transform your students’ school year.​

Using the Inquiry Design Model to Frame C3 Instruction: Middle School Edition

NYS Toolkit Project leaders present open-source, middle-level classroom instructional resources aligned to the C3 Framework. Examples and methods will be shared to support and encourage middle school social studies instruction immediately.

Exploring Story in History: Integrating History and English Language Arts

This presentation and discussion provides an overview of our interdisciplinary, collaborative America's Story program, with a synopsis of curriculum, highlights of successful activities and assessments, and future plans.

Rebels with Cause ...Kill the Drill, Bring Back the Joy

Tired of drill and kill? Learn ways to eradicate death by documents and eliminate not this again. Breathe life into your curriculum with engaging activities that still meet national standards.

Student Citizens Conceptualize Revolution with Concept Claim Cards

Engage students in the critical analysis of the concept of revolution through deep inquiry, comparison analysis, and civil discourse using major events that shaped history and our world.

Kids Act: Inspiring Social Action with Interdisciplinary Project-Based Learning

Can you create socially responsible middle schoolers? Engage with fellow participants and utilize PBL to design standards-based interdisciplinary units that provide students with authentic ways to take social action.

Listening to History: Creating Oral Histories to Explore Social Issues

Oral history allows students to be active, engaged participants in their education. By using primary sources and interviews, social issues that relate to the current standards can be explored.


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