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Middle Level-Jr. High School

Partnerships: Revolutionizing Content, Common Core and Civil Discourse

Discover how partnerships between schools and museums help to integrate historical content and common core standards. Explore lessons on the American Revolution leading to appropriate formats of civil discourse today.

Common Core: Integrating and Applying to the Social Studies Classroom

Join TCI to discover how you can integrate Common Core Standards into your instruction without reinventing the wheel. You'll look at Common Core and your content in a new way.

Contemplating Our Collective Human Story: A New Online Learning Community

This interactive session introduces Out of Eden: Project Zero’s Learning Community – a free, international, online project related to journalist Paul Salopek’s epic walk around the world.

High-Quality Interdisciplinary Lesson Design: Integrating Technology

Discussing interdisciplinary subject ideas, participants will gain insight into integrating social studies, English Language Arts, and technology standards into classroom lesson plans as demonstrated in eMINTS classrooms around the world.

Abolitionists Debate: Multiple Perspectives Leading up to the Civil War

Participants will be presented with a primary-source-rich unit plan examining events prior to the Civil War from multiple perspectives within the Abolitionist movement, structured around five in-class debates.

Successes and Setbacks with Blended Learning in Middle/Secondary History Classrooms

Explore how using digital technology and authoring tools supported a history curriculum and a shift to the Common Core. Receive free digital tools and a middle school U.S. history curriculum.

See the Voices: Creating an Environment of Empathy

Ignite the potential for honor and self-respect in children; create an environment of empathy and an appreciation of diverse perspectives. Foster a sense of community through reflective civic participation.

The Teacher’s Answers: Video Documentary Exploring Islamic Topics on Demand

Islam: no longer a distant learning. Islam’s history, relationship with Judaism/Christianity, the Prophet’s marriages, sharia, jihad, state vs. religion, women’s issues, Saladin and the Crusades are all at the educator’s fingertips in this documentary.

Road Trip! Developing Creative, Collaborative Geography Projects with Google Maps

Have your students create interactive road trips for geographic content or historical eras with ease! Learn to design a challenging and engaging assessment or project. Bring your laptop!

"Regrounding" Social Justice through the Rule of Law

To prepare students to challenge injustice and promote the common good, we must "reground" America's core beliefs through the rule of law: the foundation for equality, fairness, and social justice.


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