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Middle Level-Jr. High School

Social Studies Teachers--Teachers of the Past and Future

Teaching students how our government works is challenging. Teaching students to participate as future voters and leaders in government is critical!

Doing and Learning History through Literacy, Interdisciplinary, and Digital Strategies

This presentation will use primary sources, literature, and technology as tools to engage students in the study of history through content examples such as Underground Railroad escape stories. Materials provided!

Using Visuals to Promote Inquiry and Higher-Level Questioning Skills

This session will present visual images (such as paintings and photographs) to encourage students to generate questions that promote inquiry and higher-level thinking about content.

Digital Heroes! Engaging Students Globally with the MY HERO Project

Open the world of character education through MY HERO's online resources! Using global galleries of student-submitted photos, stories, and films, empower your students as critical viewers-- and contributors-- about heroes.

A Day in the Life of a Child-- Rwanda

What is it like to grow up in Sub-Saharan Africa? How are our lives different or similar? Explore modern Rwanda through the photographs and interviews of Rwandan youth.

The Geography Assessment Framework: The NSF Roadmap for Geography Education

The newly created national assessment framework for geographic education emphasizes geographical practices and will guide assessment development for K-16. Participants will leave with models for assessing students' geographical thinking.

Learning about and Writing for Journals in the Social Studies

Editors of seven major journals in social studies education will provide overviews of their respective journals (purpose, audience, circulation, publication guidelines, etc.) for readers and prospective authors.

Come Explore the Multimedia and Technological Renaissance in History Today

Too often our classrooms lack the mediums that distract and detain our students. Today one will gain the ability to use those same distractions to attract and retain all students.

Slavery, Women and War! Students Debate Ancient Athenian Social Issues

This session demonstrates how students can surpass basic comparisons of Ancient Greek and modern American democracy to understand how enduring social issues were debated in the world's first direct democracy.

QR Codes: What are Those?

Increase literacy with QR codes. Discover the many ways you and your students can create QR codes for classroom use. A few ideas are bellwork, story telling and assessment.


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