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Middle Level-Jr. High School

A Window to the American Civil War: Engaging Strategies Overview

This presentation will provide an overview of engaging strategies to use in teaching the ACW. Consideration of learning styles, primary sources, and historical method explored. Access to materials provided.

Immigration Beyond Ellis Island

This presentation will engage educators in interactive activities for understanding the immigration process by comparing past and present. This will help educators to overcome misconceptions of their students on immigration.

Enlivening Student Literacy with Historical Fiction in the Digital Age

Participants will discover the power of historical fiction to enliven student literacy through an engaging unit of study on immigration and industrialization using the historical novel Dragonwings by Laurence Yep.

Dyads: The Window into Someone Else's Thoughts

Middle school students strongly prefer one-to-one discussion over teacher-led whole group discussion. If the dyads are carefully designed, citizenship skills and attitudes are enhanced while content knoweldge is deepened..

What Does it Mean to Be Media Savvy?

Become a critical consumer of the news by examining where it comes from and how it is disseminated.

I Lost My Book, but I DID Study!!

Many students, especially those with learning disabilities or executive functioning difficulties, need explicit instruction to organize time, materials and information. Explore strategies to close the resulting achievement gap.

Windows to Ourselves: Integrating Literature & Thematic Units into History

Common Core requires us to be literacy teachers. Discover ways to incorporate literature, poetry, music, and film into thematic units guided by Essential Questions that connect to students. Materials provided!

A Window View of APARTY

Primary sources are the heart of an engaging course in history. Learn concrete strategies (APARTY) for analyzing primary sources and methods for in-depth analysis aligned to Common Core.

History as Verb: American Revolution and the War of 1812

Tablets and eBooks can encourage students to “do history.” Two NCSS endorsed iBooks, “It’s 1776: Should I Stay or Go?” and “It’s 1812: Who Won the War?", will be highlighted.

A Literacy-Based Approach to Teaching Tolerance in the 21st Century

Participants will preview a new K-12 curriculum that connects multicultural content, culturally relevant instruction, and the rigor of the Common Core literacy standards. This session focuses on media literacy.


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