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Middle Level-Jr. High School

Bringing Social Studies Curriculum Design into the 21st Century

World History social studies instruction and curriculum design that bridges the gap between traditional instruction and modern expectations of diverse literacies and extensive conceptual understanding of the past.

The Multiplayer Classroom: Gateway to Playful, Purposeful, Passionate Social Studies

Imagine students engaged in a multiplayer world, with XP, quests, mobs, and guilds. Ignite students’ passion for your class and social studies content. Come play along and learn how.

Real Stories, Real Stuff: Teaching with Resources from the Smithsonian

Discover ways to use Smithsonian resources to teach critical thinking skills. Engage in classroom activities and explore free web-resources from the National Museum of American History.

It Happened Here, Too! Engaging Students with Local Primary Sources

Use local history and primary sources to teach literacy skills, engage students in their communities, and connect local stories to U.S. history and global issues.

Gateway to Diplomacy: Middle School Model UN, Building Negotiation and Compromise!

Learn the benefits of implementing Model UN and including Common Core curriculum in your school for the purpose of debate, resolution writing, and interpersonal skills in a cooperative learning environment.

Using Simulation and Art to Develop Critical Citizenship Literacies

Facilitates simulation- and art-based activities to initiate classroom conversations and research about critical literacies that concern citizenship and economics. Offers opportunities to partake in activities and take home formal lessons.

Beyond the Written Word: Music and Dance in Social Studies

Explore using music and dance as primary sources in social studies classrooms. This session will focus on Civil War-Westward Movement songs and dances you can use with your students.

Broaden Your Horizons: International Travel Opportunities for Global Perspectives

Global educators foster globally competitive students. Session features a short documentary and an introduction to a study tour program that allows American teachers to immerse themselves in Turkey’s rich culture.

Urban Social Studies Education and the Common Core

Share an innovative curriculum framework that focuses social science instruction intentionally on inquiry methods, the analysis of texts, and the effective communication of thoughts and ideas while implementing the CCSS-H/SS.

Made in America: Using Corporations to Teach History, Economics, Civics

Do your students like to shop? Is the economy confusing? Use corporate histories to tell the story of America and how companies have bettered, or burdened, our nation over time.


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