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Middle Level-Jr. High School

Only the Ball was White

For decades segregated professional African-American baseball teams played across the country. Hear the history of the Negro Leagues, learn ways to engage students by using literature, and receive materials.

Developing Global Thinkers through Big Idea Questions and Customized Learning

Teachers and curricular leaders will learn how a Big Ideas approach to social studies curriculum has helped students become global thinkers and how online learning environments have made customization possible.

How the World Lives: Take another Glimpse

Learn how NCSS Notable Trade Books can promote global perspective development. Hear inspiring stories, engage in instructional strategies, and leave with a new awareness of how others live! Materials provided.

Staying Relevant: Digitizing your Civics Classroom

Our students’ lives are saturated with new apps, 30-second video clips and Internet memes. Come learn how leveraging these tools can help you stay relevant and digitize your classroom!

Investigating Famous Bloodlines: Following the Paper Trail

Engage students in learning history content and improving research skills by tracing the bloodlines of famous Americans. Readymade, CCSS-aligned lessons utilizing a variety of research tools and primary sources provided.

1863: Teaching Common Core with the Civil War’s Defining Moments

Come explore how students use Common Core Standards to apply primary sources, research pivotal events, and interpret how crucial decisions changed American history during the Civil War in 1863.

Using Exemplary Texts and Readers Theatre to Prevent Bullying

Are there bullies in your classroom? Do you have students who miss school because they are afraid? Come experience Reader's Theater as a powerful instructional and bullying prevention strategy.

Nomads on Motorcycles: Global Activities on Cultural Diversity and Diffusion

How does globalization impact cultural diversity and cultural change? Are some cultures vanishing? Is a monoculture our future? Come explore these questions with a set of engaging, classroom-ready lessons.

Promoting Complex Spatial Thinking: Maps that Startle, Perplex, and Engage

Using demographic maps to foster interest in political and cultural concepts. "Our Patchwork Nation" provides a model for increased student engagement with issues/concepts concerning the complexity of a pluralistic society.

Children Have the Right to Say! Literacy, Justice, Civic Potential

The session promotes civic literacy to implement the Common Core for middle school teachers. Strategies, methods, and materials are provided to explore current events and controversial issues of juvenile justice.


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