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Middle Level-Jr. High School

Currency Notes: History, Economics and the Common Core

Highlighting biographies of statesmen featured on currency notes and noting features of currency, history and economics will be integrated using Common Core Standards. Free interactive lesson plans and free technology!

Project Citizen, Electronically Speaking

In the session, participants will discuss how students can take an active role to affect public policy in their communities. Explore how to develop electronic portfolios of the class issue.

Making it Happen: Historical Thinking in Ancient and Modern Times

Using primary and secondary resources from ancient Rome and current events, participants will learn how to develop student's skills in historical thinking and reading. Ready-to-go lessons and strategies are provided.

Going Global with Google Maps and Apps

Globalize your classroom with Google maps & apps: infuse your lessons with Google to bring the past to the present, and the far away to next door.

Bare Naked Ladies, Sing, The Blues: Music is Social Studies

Powerful social studies is meaningful, challenging and value laden – just like music. In this session we address teaching about/for/in a global culture with the youtube generation.

From Appleknockers to Zizzers: Exploring America's Best High-School Nicknames

Witches, Battling Bathers, Criminals, Awesome Blossoms... where'd they get those nicknames? You don't need to be a sports nut to appreciate their stories. Leave the session with classroom-ready materials.

“Internet of Antiquity”: The Silk Road in World History

Before the information superhighway, there was the Eurasian superhighway. Get your students excited about this ancient conduit of commerce, culture, and creeds! Lessons developed with Yo-Yo Ma’s Silk Road Project.

Only the Ball was White

For decades segregated professional African-American baseball teams played across the country. Hear the history of the Negro Leagues, learn ways to engage students by using literature, and receive materials.

Developing Global Thinkers through Big Idea Questions and Customized Learning

Teachers and curricular leaders will learn how a Big Ideas approach to social studies curriculum has helped students become global thinkers and how online learning environments have made customization possible.

How the World Lives: Take another Glimpse

Learn how NCSS Notable Trade Books can promote global perspective development. Hear inspiring stories, engage in instructional strategies, and leave with a new awareness of how others live! Materials provided.


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