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Middle Level-Jr. High School

One Hen: Teaching Economics through Problem-Based Service Learning

This presentation introduces a 6th grade curricular unit called One Hen to teach Economics with hands-on problem-based learning techniques to increase civic engagement.

Got Games?: Using Hands, Hearts and Heads for Civic Literacy

Bring on the games! This session provides opportunities to engage students with interactive gaming environments as non-fiction text, providing rich possibilities for civic literacy in a no-cost format.

The Rule of Law: Bedrock for Social Justice and Equity

Teaching students at all levels that the rule of law is the basis for all democratic ideals will ensure equity, justice and opportunity for all citizens in diverse, multicultural societies.

What's Going On?: Visual Thinking and Critical Evaluation Skills

Discuss the development of critical thinking skills via art and the Visual Thinking Strategies methodology, and explore how this thinking routine benefits students' analysis of the past and present.

Preparing for the Common Core: Historical Fiction and the DBQ

This interactive presentation will emphasize the use of reading, writing and critical thinking in History, utilizing the Document Based Question (DBQ), historical fiction and alignment to the Common Core Standards.

Implementing the Common Core Using 17th and 18th Century Documents

Applying common core skills to colonial Dutch documents helps students develop a deep understanding of history. Participants will investigate Dutch influence on this country’s political, economic and cultural development.

"Thanks Ben for the Post Office!"

Images are the window into U.S. history. An envelope can hook students on history. By analyzing the stamp, postmark and artwork, students will remember documents, events and people.

Nature and Labor: From Disposability to Sustainability

Resource exploitation alienates us from our humanity and the world that sustains us. Engaging lessons explore how treating resources as disposable leads to treating workers as disposable, too.

Classroom-Tested Lessons and Strategies that Enhance Teachers' Work

The Instruction Community shares several "teacher-tested" best practice methods for delivering meaningful, active learning experiences to K-12 students, with special emphasis on differentiation and achievement in all social studies disciplines.

Promoting Student Discourse with Document-Based Questions

Participants will learn methods to support students' understanding and use of primary and secondary sources and explore ways to better ensure participation in discourse related to document-based questions.


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