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Middle Level-Jr. High School

Using Digital Windows to Open the World of Geography

Participants will explore ways to selectively integrate online resources into their geography courses. When properly adopted, these techniques will aid in promoting critical thinking, multicultural awareness, and global interdependence.

Symphony for the Movements: Social Conceptions and the Digital Age

Session facilitates activities that prompt classroom discussions relative to changing patterns of exposure to music media and relationships to social literacies. Participants will partake in activities and receive classroom materials.

Public Opinion: Who Cares and Why Should You?

Integrating a study of public opinion into Social Studies, Math, Science, and English. Students will review, create, and write about surveys and other methods of opinion taking with technology.

Raiders of the Lost Arts: Meeting National Core Literacy Standards

Imagine students devouring history: reading documents, taking notes, intense huddled-discussions. Participants will create standard-aligned, hands-on lessons and leave with ancient artifact replicas and strategies to engage low socioeconomic students.

Using Multiple Texts to Teach Middle School World History

We will present a lesson for middle school world history to demonstrate instruction using multiple texts, cross text analysis, and the development of evidence-based claims by students.

Games and Social Media Based Learning in Social Studies Classrooms

This session presents What Would George Washington Do? a game-based learning and online social media environment which teaches students digital literacy, higher-order thinking, and collaborative problem solving skills.

Drawn Conclusions: Challenging Middle School Students' Stereotypes about Native Americans

Presents research from middle school classrooms where students experienced curriculum that challenged their stereotypes and introduced how cultural misconceptions have been used as a weapon against minoritized groups.

Everything Happens Somewhere: Mapping Global Interconnectedness with National Geographic Education

Explore NatGeo Education resources including low and high-tech mapping tools with thematic layers, drawing tools, and more. Teachers working in K-12 will find value in the presented materials.

A Comparative Study of American and Korean Social Studies Curricula

This study introduces the social studies curricula recently revised in the United States and South Korea and compares them. The result reveals similarities and differences in both curricula.

NCSS Notable Trade Books 2012: Ideas for Classrooms and Learning

This session serves as a review NCSS Notable Trade Books, in which committee members present exemplars, as well as ideas for their use in the classroom. Ends with book raffle.


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