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Middle Level-Jr. High School

The Drafting Board: Developing Writing Skills through Civic Debate

iCivics' latest online tool helps students build literacy and argumentation skills by crafting polished essays around a range of exciting civics topics; it also provides teachers with key assessment tools.

Stressed Out Trying to Make History Fun? Come Get Ideas!

Get ready-to-go U.S. and World History lesson plans, and learn progressive ways to motivate students through hands-on approaches using simulations, new technology and great website resources.

Islamic Achievements: An Exploration through Primary Sources

Learn to use primary sources from the World Digital Library; teach students how to analyze and explore written and visual works from the golden age of Islamic achievement.

Rock, Roll and Remember...Using Music, Humor and Mnemonics!

Rock, Roll and Remember uses music, humor and mnemonic devices to help history and geography educators aid the retention of knowledge in their students.

Beyond Superheroes and Villains: Encouraging Historical Literacy with Graphic Novels

Not your brother's comic book! Graphic novels are increasingly available for the social studies. This session examines their link with content literacy and opportunities for the classroom. Lesson materials provided.

Journey from the Dust

Economic and environmental collapse of the 1930s and the will to survive sends one young man on a journey from the Oklahoma dust to a new life in the northwest.

Accessing Social Studies with Technology for the UDL Way

Universal Design for Learning provides a blueprint for creating instructional goals, methods, materials, and assessments that work for everyone, improving inclusion and accessibility with ready-to-implement strategies, tools and resources.

Breaking Down Stereotypes: Teaching Students about Diversity among American Citizens

Recognizing barriers created by stereotypes is essential when teaching students about diversity we face each and every day. Addressing those stereotypes and removing them is important for helping students learn.

Exploring the Use of Realia to Enhance Student Learning

Presenters share various realia collected from their travels to enhance students' knowledge of the world. Participants will be encouraged to examine their own travels and surroundings to promote global connections.

From the Dominican Republic to the USA, Facilitating Student Collaboration

Global understanding and digital literacy are essential for our students' connected future. We will share how one question began a three-year student-led project based learning global partnership.


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