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Middle Level-Jr. High School

Poster Session-Mapping Movement: Digitizing Refugee Conflicts to Enhance Global Understanding

Refugee conflicts present political, geographical, and social complexities. Learn how to teach and engage students in meaningful, dynamic ways by using Meograph, a 4-dimensional map-based digital timeline and story-telling tool.

Poster Session-Learning Global Competencies: A "Teachers for Global Classroom Teacher" (IREX)

Learn and sample how global competencies are integrated in a geography curriculum.

Poster Session-Climbing the Family Tree to Historical Thinking

Dig deeply into family history with K-8 students. The research process along with oral history and photo/document analysis allows students to engage in historical thinking and authentic literacy experiences.

NCSS Notable Trade Books Committee Author Talk

Have a conversation with Notables Booklist authors Cynthia Grady, Sheri Sinykin, and the Pinkneys. Each will talk about their work, how it relates to social studies, and answer questions.

Gateway to Freedom: Language and Legacy of the American Revolution

How did antebellum abolitionists use the rhetoric of the Revolution in their reform efforts? We’ll use documents to explore how the theme of freedom connects multiple eras in American history.

Local Archaeology: Starting a “Dig”… The Story Continues

Having worked with a historical society, professional archeologists, and schools, we now conclude a story started at the 2012 NCSS annual conference explaining how one might incorporate active archeological research into the curriculum.

Global Issues: Innovate with an Interdisciplinary Approach

The complex nature of global issues provides educators an opportunity to teach using a multidisciplinary approach. This technologically driven presentation will deliver ideas and ready-to-use resources to do just that.

Tell Me a Story: Teaching Geography through Folktales

Authentic world literature will bring the themes of historical, human, physical, and environmental geographies to life for students. Stories will be provided and examples of hands-on activities will be demonstrated.

Social Studies + Math > Walmart?

When a 99,000-square-foot Wal-Mart was proposed adjacent to a school and a fragile ecosystem, students and teachers used civic engagement and math to fight back.

Making Common Core Commonplace: Using Visuals to Accommodate Literacy Standards

Visual literacy strategies to meet Common Core Literacy Standards, focusing on U.S. and world history topics. A Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources Project.


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