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Middle Level-Jr. High School

Poster Session-War News From Mexico: Integrating CCSS, Art, and Historical Empathy

Find a new and engaging way to integrate the CCSS ELA Standards into your class through the use of art and historical empathy. Lessons provided.

Poster Session-Using Historical Monuments to Examine Important Social Issues

This session examines how to dynamically engage students in inquiry and critical thinking activities about important social issues using U.S. monuments. Handouts of resources and materials will be provided.

Poster Session-Beyond Words: Extending the Model United Nations Simulation into the Real World

Capitalize on Common Core Standards and leverage the learning potential of Model United Nations research through a student-created multiple-media campaign for real-life issues.

Poster Session-War College of the French and Indian War!

In this innovative unit students become cadets in a fictional military college dedicated to experiencing the importance of the French and Indian War in American History.

Poster Session-Examining the Egyptian Arab Spring through Hip-Hop

Transcend traditional media in your current issues class! This poster highlights the use of hip hop and popular Egyptian music to explore Arab Spring and current issues in Egypt.

Poster Session-Go Global: Making Maps that Reflect the Interconnected World

Using an online interactive atlas, students can create maps that teach challenging global concepts; topics range from embargoed countries to the relationship between GDP and life expectancy in African countries.

Poster Session-Theoretical Cognitive Principles Applied in the Social Studies Classroom

We demonstrate how cognitive principles influence a learner’s critical and reflective thinking to acquire knowledge during social studies classroom activities. Specify a hands-on activity and document analysis.

Poster Session-Oral History in the Social Studies Classroom: Promoting Social Justice and Cross-Cultural Understanding

The strategy of oral history as a way to develop a social justice classroom and cross-cultural understanding is discussed. Implemented with pre-service teachers, three oral history samples are analyzed.

Poster Session-Clozing the Gap with Common Core and U.S. History

Learn techniques that will help you develop a rich U.S. History class. At the end you will be able to incorporate non-fiction text and political cartoons effectively in your classroom.

Poster Session-Questioning Stategies for American History and Meeting the Common Core

Explore five questioning strategies to enable on-level and inclusion students to succeed with American history while meeting Common Core standards. Strategies will be modeled with a transcontinental railroad unit. Handouts


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