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Middle Level-Jr. High School

NCSS Notable Trade Book Committee Author Talk

Come to this session to listen to authors Helen Wilbur and Katherine Schlick Noe talk about their work and how it relates to social studies.

From China to Al-Andalus: Windows on Global Interdependence through Letter-Writing

Learn how students can share their research about historical characters, world religions, and ancient cities through exchanging letters, art and artifacts in order to understand the global exchange of ideas.

My Pocket to the World: Student Voice with Mobile Technologies

The proliferation of mobile technologies has incited a new ecology of teaching and learning in the social studies. Presenters will explore applications of mobile devices to facilitate student engagement.

Seeing is Believing: Media/Visual Literacy with National Geographic Education

Images can reveal faraway places and unimaginable truths -- but they also have the power to mislead and misrepresent. Integrate media effectively with FREE NG Education resources and strategies.

World News in 10 X 10 and a 160!

Need some ideas and tools to connect Current Events, Geography, History and Language Arts? Then join this captivating and inspiring presentation using innovative Web 2.0 tools.

High Tech Community Partnerships: Transforming Students into Active Citizens

Let's play video games to learn about our government and become active citizens! In this interactive presentation participants will learn how to develop community partnerships through free on-line gaming.

Abortion, the Death Penalty and Genocide: Controversial Public Issues

This session utilizes decision-making curriculum to promote an understanding of historical significance. Students will actively research controversial questions and discuss solutions that mimic democratic participation and historical inquiry.

A Modern-Day Student's Search in an Ancient Society

Care to turn the "So what?" student opinion to history on its head? This session offers strategies and resources to make ancient history an investigative, "Now what?" search for answers.

Stranded Island Assignment: How Students Create and Maintain Societal Constructs

Students were asked to develop social constructs on a simulated stranded island. The students compared and contrasted historical events, and establish a personal connection to the past.

Archaeologists and Historians: Opening Windows to People of the Past

How do archaeologists and historians investigate the past? Step into the roles of these professionals to authentically analyze and evaluate 18th-century evidence to bring the past to life.


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