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Middle Level-Jr. High School

Poster Session-Essential Understandings from the Smithsonian’s American Indian Museum

K-12 educators are invited to preview NMAI’s “Essential Understandings about American Indians.” Learn to use exciting American Indian content to address Common Core and other social studies standards.

Poster Session-Social Studies Skills, The Core Tools of a History Detective

Use social studies detective tools to uncover historical evidence found on envelopes containing stamps, postmarks, artwork, and other written documents: letters, speeches, diaries to hook students on history.

Poster Session-Middle Schoolers Are TakingITGlobal to Save the World

Easy to use teaching strategies for a progressive project-based learning model for middle schoolers where students collaborate to solve global issues like human rights, gender equality, and environmental sustainability.

Poster Session-Sounds of Change: Music and the Civil Rights Movement

Incorporate the use of music as a tool for teaching the civil rights movement of the 1950's and 1960's. Participants will listen to and analyze lyrics of "movement music."

Poster Session-Religion in the Public Schools: Guidelines for Teachers

This session will provide helpful guidelines for how teachers can approach the topic of religion in the public school classroom while remaining within the law and respecting students' rights.

Poster Session-My America, Your America!

Using the NYTimes Learning Network, you will examine interactive maps and primary sources to bring the immigrant experience to life. You can make your student a world citizen!

Poster Session-Inductive and Deducative Reasoning Open the Gateway to Powerful Learning

Sustain K-12 social studies classroom expectations with inductive and deductive reasoning that inspire students to explore concepts, identify details, generate possibilities, and view from multiple perspectives using 20 effective approaches.

Poster Session-“Why Can’t We Do Something?” Exploring How Nations Resolve Disputes

War or “hug it out”: Learn how to integrate international conflict resolution into a history by engaging students in online diplomatic crises that are grounded in U.S. historical events.

Poster Session-Analyze That!: Social Studies Literacies for 21st-Century Citizens

Attendees will practice, and gain knowledge of, several effective literacy strategies that are used to encourage analysis of both traditional and 21st century texts in the era of Common Core.

Poster Session-Down. Set. Hut! Using History Huddles for Content Reading/Writing

This session utilizes history huddles to promote reading and writing in middle school geography. Students will actively engage in literacy using the effective instructional strategy of literature circles.


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