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Middle Level-Jr. High School

iPads and Digital Competencies: Consume-Curate-Create-Connect

Bring your iPad and explore a Consume-Curate-Create-Connect integration spectrum that exploits the device's usefulness and potential in building essential global competencies. Learn and share innovative apps, practices, and examples.

Differentiated Instruction: A Gateway to Success with the Common Core

Wanted: Teachers desiring to effectively reach more students through Common Core! Experienced teachers present lessons, resources, strategies successfully used for students with widely differing skills, interests, readiness. Extensive resources/immediate use.

Mystic Rhythms: Bring Historic African Drumming to your Classroom

Participate in an African drum circle to learn how playing drums from Africa’s history improves student self-esteem, fosters relationships across grade levels and social circles, and generates excitement about school.

Continuity and Change: The Mississippi River and Professional Development

Veteran teachers from the length of the Mississippi River will provide hands-on strategies and lesson plans for teaching about the peoples, places, economies, and environments along this historic river.

Energize Me for the Common Core—Brain Breaks for Classrooms!

Explore multiple energizers that lift, soothe, build rapport, or just have fun! Leave this session with classroom activities that can be implemented tomorrow! Move from brain drain to brain gain!

The Case of the Cyberbully: A Multimedia Mock Trial Experience

Learn to engage students in a civil mock trial on cyberbullying–either as jurors or participants, using a multimedia DVD curriculum.

The Lessons of Vietnam and How to Teach It

A handful of Vietnam veterans and educators have developed one of the country’s most comprehensive courses on the Vietnam War. Learn how to integrate “The Lessons of Vietnam” into your school and community.

Poster Session-National Archives - At the Core

National Archives will display three civil rights lessons linked to the Common Core Standards. offers teachers hundreds of lessons as writing prompts. A free CD will accompany display.

Poster Session-5 Lessons That Have Your Students Reading, Writing, and Researching

This poster presentation will provide five lessons that are ready to be taken back to the classroom and implemented.

Poster Session-"To Be in Tax or Not" Simulation Game

Simulation game that every class member can play together under teacher's instruction, all the while participants realize the value of solidarity, fairness, sharing, sense of community and so on.


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