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Middle Level-Jr. High School

Meeting the Literacy Demands of the Twenty-First Century through Inquiry

The new Common Core Standards require that social studies classrooms take on a more dynamic role in literary instruction. This can be achieved through inquiry-based instruction in the middle grades.

Exchanging Ideas - A Window for Engaging Social Studies

Looking for excellent ideas for American history, world history, and other social studies classes? Join us for an exchange of innovative instructional strategies, creative activities, engaging projects, and more!

United States History Comes Alive through the Student Written Musical

Poster and video presentation of an integrated American History activity involving critical reading, research skills, writing, music and drama. The activity culminates with an original student written musical.

Teaching the Civil War through American Art and Portraiture

Join museum educators from the National Portrait Gallery and the Smithsonian American Art Museum as they model activities and strategies for using art to teach Civil War history.

Dynamic Strategies for Teaching Visual Literacy in the Digital Age

This dynamic session will examine unique ways for teachers to address visual literacy needs using digital resources. Handouts will be provided to all participants.

Local Level Archeology: How to Start Your Own "Dig"

Working with a historical society, professional archeologists, and schools, this session provides a practical story as to how one might incorporate active archeological research into the curriculum.

A Teacher's Hands-On Guide to the European Union

Prepare K-12 students to become global citizens by discovering the EU! This session will provide free teaching resources, including ready-to-go lesson plans and games, helping integrate technology into the classroom.

Geography Matters: Classroom Explorations of Global Interdependence

Explore relevant global connections in this interactive session. Learn engaging strategies, including examples from National Geographic's GEO program, which help students understand migration, energy geo-politics, and aspects of globalization.

From Early Man to Adam Smith: Economics Explains World History!

Session describes active-learning lessons that show how middle school students can use economics to better understand societies throughout world history. Many lessons are adaptable to high school use.

Youths' Notions of Citizenship through Slam Poetry and Visual Literacy

This presentation reviews a social studies project in which students were called to create slam poems and images to address the question "What does it mean to be a 'citizen?'"


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