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Middle Level-Jr. High School

Going the Distance: Effects of Educational Travel on Student Learning

Each year school groups visit historic sites around the country. While some view these experiences as merely practice for future spring breaks, they actually support, deepen, and extend classroom learning.

Gullah or Geechee? A MLE Location-Based Project

Session describes a project for middle level students examining aspects of the Gullah-Geechee Heritage Corridor to develop civic agency and increase understanding of connections to community and region.

Freedom Riders: National Geographic Journey into Social Justice through Imagery

The presentation will focus on Ann Bausum's Freedom Riders and how to incorporate issues of social justice in the classroom.

Using Springsteen's Music To Discuss Immigration Issues

Bruce Springsteen's songs "Sinaloa Cowboys" and "The Line" can provide opportunities to discuss the pull and push factors related to immigration. Presenters will share middle-school students' responses to these songs.

Home Grown Historical Fiction: Finding the Story in Local History

Built on the premise that the shortest distance between two people is a story, this presentation shows how to use the tools of a fiction writer to teach history.

Walmart as a Window to Teach Global Interdependence

This presentation uses Walmart as a window to teach secondary level students global interdependence with cross-curricula learning stations and field-based projects. Audience participation is assured and hands-on activities are involved.

Engaging Global and Civic Ideals Classroom: Applying NCSS Standards

ENGAGING GLOBAL IDEAS & PRACTICES inspires Social Studies Teachers to "DIRECTLY CONNECT" school programs worldwide with multiple academic programs including Peace Corps, Heifer International, Habitat for Humanity, et al.

Literacy Strategies and Learning Practices in Middle School Geography Classrooms

Cause/effect,compare/contrast,and problem-solving skills are emphasized in core ELA standards and are applicable in geography instruction. Explore active learning strategies and practices used to teach them in geography classrooms.

Writing to Learn about Personal Finance in the Urban Classroom

Fusing Financial Literacy and writing could be as challenging as balancing a checkbook. This ready-to-go literacy plan provides innovative strategies/resources that will allow students to become stronger readers and writers.

Civil Discouse IS Possible: Using Structured Academic Controversies

We bemoan our the state of our civic discourse. Structured Academic Controversies teach the skills of perspective taking and respectful disagreement. We need to practice/model these in social studies!


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