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Middle Level-Jr. High School

Unlocking your Inner Sherlock: Inquiry Learning with Primary Sources.

With guest speakers like John Lee and William Gaudelli teachers are introduced to modern teaching techniques and integration of primary sources with a framework built around acting like a detective.

Configuring 21st Century Classrooms: Leveraging Student Spaces to Enhance Learning

Gain insight into successfully incorporating intentional tools and inviting imagery into physical and virtual teaching spaces in order to grab the attention of your students and enrich learning.

Finding and Filling Gaps in Trade Books with Primary Sources

Using common themes and diverse literature, learn about historical misrepresentations discovered within trade books and ideas for locating and modifying primary sources to fill content gaps and meet rigorous standards.

Using Games to Teach Global Interconnectedness

The presenter created a unit about the Columbian Exchange. Students designed a trading card game of ancient cultures, played SimCityEDU and Pandemic, a cooperative board game about modern global outbreaks.

A Coherent Curriculum for the Teaching of Comparative World History

Details of a collaborative project to develop and implement more globalized world history curriculum for middle and high school, guided by the Alliance for Learning in World History.

PULLing Your Students to Success! The Testing Strategy that Works!

This engaging and interactive session will teach audiences the P.U.L.L. strategy, specifically designed to increase students' success on Social Studies assessments and provide takeaways for immediate implementation on their campuses.

Mapping Stories with Story Maps

Explore how dynamic and customizable story maps incorporating multimedia can easily be created and shared online to analyze patterns and relationships from local to global scales.

Let's Put Our Heads Together: Medieval Muslim-Christian-Jewish Exchanges

Most great medieval advancements came from an exchange of ideas across cultures and confessions. Islamic Spain and medieval Baghdad serve as the focus for this talk and the accompanying lesson.

Social Studies Model Curriculum

Fifty-five Missouri educators have developed a Model Curriculum in social studies, which includes the four major content areas of economics, geography, government, and history--both world and U.S. The major goal behind the units is to give districts models they can use when revising their social studies curriculum. This presentation will explain the process and components to the curriculum. The units are aligned with the Grade-Level and Course-Level Expectations and with the English Language Arts Literacy Standards for social studies. The units are being revised based on feedback from teachers who piloted them. The units can be used in their entirety or parts can be adapted to existing curriculum.

Giddy Up! Gettin' Up, Gettin' Movin' with Social Studies

2013 Outstanding Middle Level Social Studies Teacher of the Year Award Recipient
Join this session to experience varied instructional strategies in a Westward Expansion lesson that will "git" your students moving and active. Challenge their critical thinking, interpret primary source documents and then let their creativity flow. A hands-on session!


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