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Middle Level-Jr. High School

Social Justice: The Power of a Home Visit

This presentation demonstrates how social studies educators, through the power of a home visit, can foster an environment, particularly for marginalized students, which incorporates the ideals of social justice.

Civics Engagement

Teachers will be given a variety of lessons/activities that make Civics and Economics content relevant and engaging for middle and high school students while integrating 21st century skills.

Students in the Middle... of History!

Beyond the textbook, the lecture, and the mundane is the Student Centered Classroom; the best way to ensure engagement, development of historical skills, and learning in the history classroom.

GLEEk out to History

GLEEk out to History marries rich and rigorous CCSS-aligned Social Studies instruction with learning to sing popular music whose lyrics have been adapted to recount major events in history.

Thoughtful Student Questions Reap Rich Results

Students need help formulating effective search questions to inform their study. Let's explore techniques and strategies for success from the Right Question Institute, Information Fluency, Common Sense Media, and others.

Common Core Reading Strategies for Students with Learning Disabilities

This interactive session will demonstrate how to use the Common Core ELA/Literacy Standards to engage all learners in the middle school social studies classroom. Handouts will be provided.

Interactive Atlas: Making Annotated Maps that Showcase Inquiry

Using online atlas tools, students create maps illustrating history and demographic-based investigations; examples range from annotated maps of Civil War battles to maps analyzing GDP and life expectancy in Africa.

Teach for Tomorrow: Global Citizenship and the Millennium Development Goals

Achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals requires a future oriented approach to global citizenship education. Create try tomorrows and enduring questions that challenge students to think critically and act responsibly.


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