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Middle Level-Jr. High School

You Can Do It! Facilitating a Dynamic Inclusion Classroom

Led by a sixteen-year veteran of the Chicago Public Schools, this workshop will explore teaching and learning strategies that fully engage student learners and raise rigor in the inclusive classroom.

The Convergence of Three Civilizations: An Explorationinto Interdisciplinary Instruction

Explore the possibilities of interdisciplinary instruction through a model unit: Three Civilizations Converging: Europe, Africa, and the Americas! Teacher-tested interdisciplinary strategies involving history, literacy, and visual arts will be modeled.

Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners through Graphic Novels

Graphic novels can be used effectively to meet the needs of diverse learners including English learners and students with special needs. Student-made graphic novels and rubrics will be shared.

Vantage Point: One Window, Two Views

Participants will see examples of historical events and how different each event is presented based on the writers involvement or affiliation. Strategies include literacy, art, and critical thinking.

Social Studies to Infinity and Beyond

The presentation will focus on creative strategies to teach U.S. History. The five strategies will be described and modeled by the presenters. Resources will be provided for the five strategies.

Teaching about Global Interconnectedness and Interdependence by Using Literature

This interactive session engages participants in discussing how to use literature in teaching about world cultures and global issues. Notable Social Studies Trade Books (2004 - 20011) will be discussed.

World of Change: Journey to Joburg, a South African Story

The injustice and oppression of apartheid in South Africa left people of color with limited opportunities. Political pressure, access to education, and increasing opportunities have created an impetus for change.

Using Digital Media: Content in Your Classroom in Just Seconds!

Explore the new interactive Digital Classroom created by the Newseum! Free to teachers, the site offers award-winning videos, viewing guides and lesson plans that help students become knowledgeable media consumers.

China's Minority Cultures Reflect Their Regional Environment

Culture reflects environment. China's cultural groups are discovered through students examining language, geographic location, economics, and customs to synthesize information in the creation of a three-dimensional museum exhibit.

Impact of Pre-Teaching Vocabulary Instruction in Middle Grades Social Studies

Specific interactive instructional strategies and activities utilized at the beginning of a curricular unit to reinforce content utilizing social studies vocabulary.


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