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Middle Level-Jr. High School

Climbing the Family Tree to Historical Thinking

Dig deeply into family history with K-8 students. The research process along with oral history and photo/document analysis allows students to engage in historical thinking and authentic literacy experiences.

Mapping Movement: Digitizing Refugee Conflicts to Enhance Global Understanding

Refugee conflicts present political, geographical, and social complexities. Learn how to teach and engage students in meaningful, dynamic ways by using Meograph, a 4-dimensional map-based digital timeline and story-telling tool.

Learning Global Competencies-A "Teachers for Global Classroom Teacher"(IREX)

Learn and sample how global competencies are integrated in a geography curriculum.

Making World History Concrete: Buildings as Windows into another Time

Virtual tours of Mesoamerican Middle Eastern pyramids? Architectural similarities of Imperial Palace and Versailles? Investigate using religious and political buildings as cultural and historical artifacts in middle school world history.

Susan B. Anthony’s Trial, Social Justice and Common Core Connections

Teachers will use primary sources from Anthony’s trial for illegally voting in the 1872 Presidential election to make Common Core connections and teach students to work for social justice.

Unleashing Your Inner Geographer: Explore and Create with National Geographic

New resources from National Geographic Education—including easy-to-use tools for creating map tours and current event connections—bring the interconnected world and its geographic systems to your fingertips.

Minecraft in Geography: Using a Virtual World to Understand Ours

We examine how the popular game, Minecraft, can be used to teach core components of Geography to middle school students. Students develop civilizations, economies and survival tactics within the game.

Responding to Tragedy: Social Studies Can Help!

Using principles of current events instruction, social studies teachers can help students process upsetting events like Newtown and 9/11. Fear can be reduced as learning and civic action is increased.

1763: Revolutionary Gateway Year for Canada and the United States

North America witnessed major events 250 years ago: Britain took over New France, Pontiac rebelled, a line was drawn. Introduce these events through lessons, maps, primary and secondary resources.

Using the built environment to "do history" locally and globally.

The session takes participants on a virtual field study designed for university preservice teachers, demonstrating how to create both local and global field studies for their students.


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