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Middle Level-Jr. High School

Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor-Empathy Through Experiential Education

History must become more than dead people and dates for children to grasp the importance of learning the past. This session will explore using experiential education to teach historical empathy.

Every Civilization Needs GRAPES!

Exploring civilizations through investigating the six components that make up a civilization. Using the GRAPES method, students will be able to construct and deconstruct civilizations from ANY time period!

True Detective Classrooms: Investigating the Lost Franklin Expedition

Students discover their inner historians while exploring this fascinating cold-case mystery. Learn how extensive online resources (primary sources, Webquests, lessons and teachers' guide) develop historical inquiry and critical thinking skills.

Interactive Computer Lessons and Assessments to Prepare for the Future

Baltimore City Public Schools is developing content-rich digital curriculum units that incorporate interactive lessons/assessments to increase instruction to better prepare students for PARCC and the reality of classroom time constraints.

Global Citizenship: Curricular Inspiration from a Hawaii-Sweden Collaboration

An international team of teachers from Hawaii and Sweden will inspire and help facilitate global curricular connections aimed at developing a new generation of collaborative, global problem solvers.

Interpreting Primary Sources with a Geographic Lens

Five NEW tools developed by four state Geographic Alliances are an AMAZING way to build more geography into your social studies course when analyzing primary sources.

History through the Senses: Music, Media and Dance as Inquiry

Learn to use music, media, and dance materials to promote student inquiry and experiential learning in American History lessons. Includes hands-on activities and movement experiences that you can easily recreate.

Student-Driven C3: Teaching Students to Ask Rich Questions

Questions are integral to the C3 Framework and democracies rely on an inquisitive citizenry. Join us to learn three moves that have shifted students from answerers to questioners.

Classroom Time Machine

Turn your classroom into a time machine with engaging experiences, well placed strategies, and a little dramatics. We provide examples of simulations and tips for creating your own classroom drama.

Culture: Using Lenses to Alter View

This presentation will highlight how culture influences perceptions and interpretations of other people, artifacts, historical and current events. These strategies promote social awareness while meeting social studies and literacy goals.


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