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Middle Level-Jr. High School

Teaching History as Mystery: Inquiry-Based Strategies for the C3 Classroom

Want to incorporate inquiry lessons in your social studies classroom? Experience history as mystery strategies in action. Examine clues, make hypotheses, and learn to help your students think like historians.

Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor-Empathy Through Experiential Education

History must become more than dead people and dates for children to grasp the importance of learning the past. This session will explore using experiential education to teach historical empathy.

True Detective Classrooms: Investigating the Lost Franklin Expedition

Students discover their inner historians while exploring this fascinating cold-case mystery. Learn how extensive online resources (primary sources, Webquests, lessons and teachers' guide) develop historical inquiry and critical thinking skills.

C3, Literacy Strategies & Learning Practices for Middle School World History

Cause/effect, compare/contrast, and problem-solving skills are emphasized in C3 and CORE ELA standards, and are applicable in world history instruction. Explore active learning strategies and practices used to teach them.

Close Reading for the Past, Present, and Future

Equipping youth for a lifetime of critical reading epitomizes socially responsible teaching. This session shows how to present close reading during historical inquiries so youth develop lifelong critical reading habits.

Interpreting Primary Sources with a Geographic Lens

Five NEW tools developed by four state Geographic Alliances are an AMAZING way to build more geography into your social studies course when analyzing primary sources.

Strategies to Connect Content Knowledge: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Meaningful Engagement

Engagement involves connecting content knowledge to students' lives. Problematic in social studies, this can misconstrue views of the past. Close reading assists students with properly aligning connections and analyzing information.

Student-Driven C3: Teaching Students to Ask Rich Questions

Questions are integral to the C3 Framework and democracies rely on an inquisitive citizenry. Join us to learn three moves that have shifted students from answerers to questioners.

Folding Civics – Make It 3-D, Graphic, & 2015 Relevant!

This interactive session demonstrates how 3-D graphic organizers reach all student levels. Construct a sample notebook while learning ideas and techniques to present Civics to your visual and kinesthetic learners.

Thinking Critically and Creatively: Art and Social Studies Integration

This presentation offers teaching strategies for promoting inquiry and engaging students in critical and creative thinking through the integration of art and social studies content. Teacher resources will be shared.


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