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Middle Level-Jr. High School

Engaging Reluctant Readers and Writers: Social Studies through Readers Theater

Do you really want to make social studies leap off of the page? Here's your chance! Come learn how to use reader's theater to invigorate your class!

In the Trenches: Practical Strategies for Embracing Content Literacy

Are you looking for practical ways to bring content literacy into your classroom? Two teachers, in the trenches, present tried and true strategies used in their middle school classrooms.

Adaptation: Exploring Climate Change Using Digital Tools and Project-Based Learning

Students explore the concepts of migration, geography, and climate change. Then they propose a solution, using digital tools, showing how we can adapt to live in the changing world.

Celebrating Newspapers in the Classroom: Engaging Students through Chronicling America

What really happened? Whose point of view? How did people react? Why? Experience and celebrate how historical events chronicled in newspapers can create excitement, engagement, and curiosity within your students.

Nurturing the American Dialogue: This is What Democracy Looks Like

Join panelists to problem-solve through simulations of the events leading to the American Revolution. Embrace the story of America and connect issues from the past to the present.

Using iPads to Enhance Content Knowledge: A Teacher's Guide

Explore how to use iPads to create and implement lessons that enhance students' content knowledge. World and U.S. history lessons included. Resource materials will be disseminated.

Using GIS to Promote Geo-Historical Inquiry in the History Classroom

Learn how to transform your instruction by using GIS to question, analyze, and visualize geographic connections interactively in the history classroom. Free maps, software, lesson plans, and tips/tricks will be shared.

An Argument for Freedom--For a Girl and her Country

Pair historical fiction, "Chains" by Laurie Halse Anderson, with primary and secondary sources to help deepen understanding of the Revolutionary time period and produce an alternative research paper.

Seeking Truth: Deconstructing Nazi Propaganda

Examining resources from the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, this workshop uses historical literacy, inquiry and discussion models to explore how propaganda influenced social responsibility during the Holocaust.

Putting Values Into Action -- Raising Concerned, Informed, Participative Citizens

This session will examine how primary school students in Singapore apply the skills of moral reasoning, responsible decision-making, perspective-taking and reflection in learning to serve their community.


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