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Middle Level-Jr. High School the Mediterranean Sea with I.B. Oars

Using principles of the International Baccalaureat Programme for the Middle Years, lessons learned in ancient world history come to life in written expressions by those seemingly present to the events.

Closing the Gap with Common Core and U.S. History

Learn techniques that will help you develop a rich U.S. History class. At the end you will be able to incorporate non-fiction text and political cartoons effectively in your classroom.

Questioning Stategies for American History and Meeting the Common Core

Explore five questioning strategies to enable on-level and inclusion students to succeed with American history while meeting Common Core standards. Strategies will be modeled with a transcontinental railroad unit. Handouts provided.

Oral History in the Social Studies Classroom: Promoting Social Justice and Cross-Cultural Understanding

The strategy of oral history as a way to develop a social justice classroom and cross-cultural understanding is discussed. Implemented with pre-service teachers, three oral history samples are analyzed.

Pictures and Poetry in Motion: Using Perspectives to Build Background

Students don't have any background knowledge? Learn how to use pictures and tableau's to help students develop poems that demonstrate their understanding of historical perspectives. Also addresses Common Core Standards!

Pop Culture in Social Studies: Using Superheroes to Engage Students

Familiar formats like superheroes, trading cards and action figures engage and motivate students. These strategies immerse students in social studies via pop culture, and help build common core connections.

JFK, Social Studies, and the Common Core

Learn what role to play in classroom instruction now that the Common Core State Standards are being implemented.

Fostering Meaningful Student Vocabulary Learning in Middle School Classrooms

We will explore the vocabulary demands of textbooks, engage participants in learning instructional strategies that increase students’ long-lasting understanding, and share our research that reveals students’ perceptions of vocabulary learning.

When “Why?” and “What If?” are the Right Answers

Give your students some direction towards effective searching. Tools from the Right Question Institute, librarians across the country, Common Sense Media, and Public Learning Media Laboratory will be shared.

Using Primary Sources and Emerging Technology to Promote Civic Engagement

The presenters will provide a model for promoting informed and reasoned decision-making on local, national, and global issues through the application of digital primary sources utilizing emerging technological tools.


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