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Middle Level-Jr. High School

When “Why?” and “What If?” are the Right Answers

Give your students some direction towards effective searching. Tools from the Right Question Institute, librarians across the country, Common Sense Media, and Public Learning Media Laboratory will be shared.

Expanding Civic Learning – P21’s Framework for 21st Century Citizenship

Experts from Partnership for 21st Century Skills explore the four key areas of 21st century citizenship and share new resources produced in collaboration with leading civic learning groups.

Using Primary Sources and Emerging Technology to Promote Civic Engagement

The presenters will provide a model for promoting informed and reasoned decision-making on local, national, and global issues through the application of digital primary sources utilizing emerging technological tools.

JFK, Social Studies, and the Common Core

Learn what role to play in classroom instruction now that the Common Core State Standards are being implemented.

Making World History Concrete: Buildings as Windows into another Time

Virtual tours of Mesoamerican Middle Eastern pyramids? Architectural similarities of Imperial Palace and Versailles? Investigate using religious and political buildings as cultural and historical artifacts in middle school world history.

Susan B. Anthony’s Trial, Social Justice and Common Core Connections

Teachers will use primary sources from Susan B. Anthony’s trial for illegally voting in the 1872 presidential election to make Common Core connections and teach students to work for social justice.

1763: Revolutionary Gateway Year for Canada and the United States

North America witnessed major events 250 years ago: Britain took over New France, Pontiac rebelled, a line was drawn. Introduce these events through lessons, maps, primary and secondary resources.

Unleashing Your Inner Geographer: Explore and Create with National Geographic

New resources from National Geographic Education—including easy-to-use tools for creating map tours and current event connections—bring the interconnected world and its geographic systems to your fingertips.

Minecraft in Geography: Using a Virtual World to Understand Ours.

We examine how the popular game, Minecraft, can be used to teach core components of Geography to middle school students. Students develop civilizations, economies and survival tactics within the game.

Responding to Tragedy: Social Studies Can Help!

Using principles of current events instruction, social studies teachers can help students process upsetting events like Newtown and 9/11. Fear can be reduced as learning and civic action is increased.


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