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Middle Level-Jr. High School

Transforming K-8 Geography through Technology: Four Classroom Strategies

Participants will learn 4 new strategies for teaching geography in K-8. Bring your own device and try them out with us!

Say What? Creating Socially Responsible Citizens in Urban Middle Schools

Foster the promotion of socially responsible young citizens in an urban middle school by creating and initiating innovative lessons driven by student interest in current social issues and events.

Superheroes in Gotham: Comic Books in Historical Context

What do comics teach us about the past? Using sources from the exhibition Superheroes in Gotham, participants will examine the history of comic books through the lens of social responsibility.

Immigration Nation: Cultural Change over Time in one Great State

In this session, attendees will gather around a giant map of Texas. Presented are ready-to-go inquiry-based ideas for teaching immigration and culture through the lens of shared social responsibility.

Fighting Injustice: Celebrate Active Social Responsibility with the C3 Framework

Social studies classrooms fighting injustice today require practical applications of the C3 Framework including outstanding P.A.G. resources, significant lesson strategies, and online literacy skills; presentation activates social responsibility action guidelines.

Writing History: Using Written Expression to Celebrate Learning

Explore strategies for writing in social studies and leave with classroom-ready U.S. History based writing lessons and assessments! Ideal for teachers of students with learning differences/diverse learning needs.

When We Were British: GeoLiteracy Approach to Early American History

This presentation will showcase a teacher-created instructional kits that use geoliteracy to explore the connections between Britain and Early America using resources from the National Archives in London.

Preparing 21st Century Citizens with Relevancy and Rigor

Focusing on civics lessons with relevancy and rigor, the poster presentation will include examples of lessons and student work which incorporate literacy strategies connecting content and citizenship to current events.

Promoting Social Responsibility by Recognizing Privilege

We will discuss a unit that explores ways in which privileged youth can become socially responsible global citizens by recognizing privilege and creating action plans to promote equality.

Challenges and Triumphs of Teaching Human Rights in U.S. Schools

Youth face racism, poverty and violence in their communities, but we often teach human rights as "over there." Develop strategies to connect students' in understanding human rights here and now.


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