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Middle Level-Jr. High School

Promoting Social Responsibility by Recognizing Privilege

Based on a unit that explored ways in which privileged youth can become socially responsible global citizens by recognizing privilege and creating action plans to promote equality.

Preparing 21st Century Citizens with Relevancy and Rigor

Focusing on Civics lessons with relevancy and rigor, the poster presentation will include examples of lessons and student work which incorporate literacy strategies connecting content and citizenship to current events.

Bring History Alive! with TCI

Join TCI in discovering powerful methods that will help students experience history first-hand and relate their knowledge to current and real world issues.

Adaptation: Exploring Climate Change Using Digital Tools and Project-Based Learning

Students explore the concepts of migration, geography, and climate change. Then they propose a solution, using digital tools, showing how we can adapt to live in the changing world.

When We Were British: GeoLiteracy Approach to Early American History

This session will showcase teacher-created instructional kits that use geoliteracy to explore the connections between Britain and Early American using resources from the National Archives in London.

Challenges and Triumphs of Teaching Human Rights in U.S. Schools

Youth face racism, poverty and violence in their communities, but we often teach human rights as 'over there'. Develop strategies to connect students' in understanding human rights here and now.

Nurturing the American Dialogue: This is What Democracy Looks Like

Join panelists to problem-solve through simulations the events leading to the American Revolution. Embrace the story of America and connect issues from the past to the present.

Putting Values Into Action -- Raising Concerned, Informed, Participative Citizens

This session will examine how primary school students in Singapore apply the skills of Moral Reasoning, Responsible Decision-Making, Perspective-Taking and Reflection in learning to serve their community.

An Argument for Freedom- For a Girl and her Country

Pair historical fiction, Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson, with primary and secondary sources to help deepen understanding of the Revolutionary time period and produce an alternative research paper.

Today's News, Tomorrow's History

Students have difficulty connecting history to what's happening in the world and their lives today. We'll show how to connect global news events to historical events and civilizations.


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