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Middle Level-Jr. High School

Team Based Learning: Putting the Spark into Content Area Reading

The ability to analyze text is critical for literacy development in social studies classes. Participate in an engaging strategy and assessment that promotes student collaboration and deeper comprehension of texts.

Social Studies Strategies that Get to the Core of Learning

The Instruction Community shares several “teacher-tested” best practice methods for delivering meaningful, active learning experiences to K-12 students, with special emphasis on differentiating instruction and closing the achievement gap.

Economy OR Environment?: Starting to Teach for Ecological Citizenship

Using data from a recurring public opinion polling question, this session examines one way middle level (but really all) teachers can begin to teach social studies for ecological citizenship.

Let the International Games Begin: Landmark 2013!

Landmark Project: International collaboration among student-researchers developing geographic, communication, collaborative-problem-solving, and global competencies across cultures and languages. Ninety teams from 3 continents in this challenging 4-week social studies competition.

Literacy Strategies and Learning Practices in Middle School Geography Classrooms

Cause/effect, compare/contrast, and problem-solving skills are emphasized in core ELA standards and are applicable in geography instruction. Explore active learning strategies and practices used to teach them in geography classrooms.

Globalization, Economics, and McDonald's: Teachers and University Faculty Teach Together

Middle school teachers and university faculty planned and co-taught an interdisciplinary unit about globalization and economics, centered around McDonald's. Curriculum and strategies for collaboration between teachers and college faculty will be presented.

Exploring Civic Responsibility through the Progressive Era

Explore the ways in which the Tenement Museum uses the history of the Progressive Era to engage students in the work of past reformers and inspire contemporary civic participation.

Pictures and Poetry in Motion: Using Perspectives to Build Background

Students don't have any background knowledge? Learn how to use pictures and tableaus to help students develop poems that demonstrate their understanding of historical perspectives. Also addresses Common Core Standards!

Fostering Meaningful Student Vocabulary Learning in Middle School Classrooms

We will explore the vocabulary demands of textbooks, engage participants in learning instructional strategies that increase students’ long-lasting understanding, and share our research that reveals students’ perceptions of vocabulary learning.

Pop Culture in Social Studies: Using Superheroes to Engage Students

Familiar formats like superheroes, trading cards and action figures engage and motivate students. These strategies immerse students in social studies via pop culture, and help build Common Core connections.


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