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Think Digitally, Travel Globally

How does it feel to stare up at the Washington Monument? How do you recreate that feeling for your students? Explore, engage, and experience virtual field trips.

Thematic Timelines: Solving the Problem of Context

Research shows students struggle to apply learning to other classes and their world. By utilizing thematic timelines, teachers can train students to recognize themes outside the context in which learning occurred.

Do the Right Thing: Reading Global Literature on Social Justice

Promote civic participation and global awareness in students by exploring engaging stories about young international activists seeking social justice. Leave with interactive lessons, classroom-ready activities, and content for middle school.

Collaboration: College Students and 7th Graders Broadcast 1920s News

Exercising distributed cognition and expertise, this presentation shares a 1920s unit that involved 7th-grade social studies students mentored by undergraduates in an educational psychology class, using an indirect digital internship.

Celebrating the National Park Service Centennial via Common Core Text Sets

Discover how a model geography Common Core ELA text set celebrating the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service employs both geography-based visual representations and traditional texts.

Building Strong Bridges: Tips for Successful Action Civics Projects

Action Civics requires that students engage in democratic action via technology and social networking. Discover strategies that incorporate new technologies and tips for ensuring successful student projects.

A Closer Look: Utilizing Visuals to Engage Middle School Learners

Explore using a variety of visuals to engage middle school students in history and civics. This fun, interactive session will provide strategies on how to incorporate visuals without sacrificing content.

A Classroom Renaissance: Integrating Fine Arts and Social Studies

The arts reflect and influence historical events and interpretation. This session demonstrates project-based approaches incorporating music and visual arts, providing deeper understanding of historical eras and societal change.

#ClassroomVR: Leveraging Virtual Reality in the Social Studies Classroom

Using virtual reality allows students to experience the world in a whole new way. Learn how to use, and build, a VR tour for your classroom.

When 2nd Meets 7th: A Collaborative Approach to Immigration

Discover how a cross-grade partnership can motivate and engage students. Walk away with examples and templates to create your own partnership unit.


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