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Can We Make a PowerPoint? Structuring Student Research Projects

Many students, including those with learning disabilities or executive functioning difficulties, need explicit instruction to complete a research project. Explore strategies to structure the research and writing demands for success.
See Resources for this Session can we make a powerpoint?

A Hands-On Guide to Teaching with a Multidisciplinary Mindset

How do we create global problem-solvers? We must teach with an interdisciplinary mindset. Receive the necessary tools to get started creating an interdisciplinary unit.

Your Students Could be G.I.A.N.T.S.

This interactive session has it all: free curricular units, online assessments, interactive maps, instructional strategies, and digital textbooks that build geographic inquiry and historical thinking skills for middle school students.

Using Inquiry to Understand Girls' Education and Economic Development

Explore the UN Declaration on the Rights of the Child, girls' education, and economic development in five countries. This session also examines an essential inquiry question through stations.

The Power of Choice: Self-Selected Projects in Secondary Classrooms

Give your classes a boost and increase engagement with projects! This presentation will help you plan for student choice while simultaneously maximizing your time in class, grading, and planning.

Ten Essential Tech Tools All Civics Teachers Must Have

Receive 10 tech tools you can leverage immediately to impact your civics instruction. The best part is that they're free!

Teaching Tough to Tackle History: DOVE and Civil Rights

Explore ways to teach the Desegregation of Virginia Education (DOVE), using a web-based archive that can help students develop new historical understandings, critical thinking and effective communication skills.

Teaching Race and Membership in a Suburban Jewish Day School

Bringing Facing History and Ourselves' Race and Membership curriculum to middle school students in this homogeneous environment poses challenges but also provides opportunities to truly teach the value of diversity.

Shifting from Drill and Kill to Opening Inquiring Minds

Experience high-interest lessons that engage and support the C3 Framework. Leave behind your tired lessons and transform them, opening your students' minds to inquiry. Ready-to-use, hands-on lesson provided.

Make Sourcing Sexy: Strategies to Engage Students in Sourcing Content

Sourcing content is an essential skill for our students. Learn how to leverage awesome resources from the Library of Congress and new wave classroom strategies to make sourcing content fun.


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