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Middle Level

The Battle of Brooklyn: Inquiry Strategies and Historical Agency

Learn inquiry strategies using primary sources to engage students in Revolutionary history as a series of choices made by individuals. Curriculum materials will be distributed.

Research-into-Practice Lecture: Ordinary People/Extraordinary Circumstances: Reimagining Diversity in Civic Education

This session presents exemplary social studies research for practitioners. Dr. Ashley Woodson addresses the oversimplification of civil rights leaders as civic superheroes, and ways to expand Black students' civic imaginations.​

King Philip's War and Cultural Conflict in New England

Explore the complex relationships between colonists and Native Americans. Investigate multiple perspectives, even with a limited number of sources, and engage students' inquiry skills with maps, artifacts, and documents!

Hack the Web and Increase Social Studies Literacy with DocentEDU

Use DocentEDU, a free cloud service, to transform Google docs or web pages into engaging, interactive, multimedia lessons with built-in assessment capabilities.

Gameify Your Classroom: Use Video Games to Your Advantage

Take advantage of students' natural interest in competition and games by learning to create units or courses that channel that interest into learning meaningful content and skills.

Engaging Students to be Citizens of the World

Educate your students to become citizens of the world by engaging them with world news in a historical context.

Engaging Assessment Strategies for High and Low Tech Classrooms

Whether you're in a one-to-one or a one-computer classroom environment, there will be formative and summative assessment strategies you can use tomorrow for grades 3-12.

Be a Detective! Cultivating Reading, Thinking, and Writing Like Historians

Award-winning nonfiction/historical fiction authors Candace Fleming, Deborah Hopkinson, and Steve Sheinkin share their historical research and strategies for students to construct the context and consequences of history using the skills of detectives.

What Makes a Candidate Run? Hillary Clinton Biographers Discuss their Insights

Three award-winning authors describe how they wrote biographies of Hillary Clinton targeted to different developmental levels and show how to use them to engage all readers in social studies inquiries.

Using Inquiry to Explore Primary Sources

Join TCI in discovering powerful methods that will help students experience history first-hand and relate their knowledge to current and real world issues.


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