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Middle Level

How Everyday People Influenced President Lincoln's Brave Ideas

Engage with primary sources to analyze Lincoln's daily commute through Civil War Washington and discover the lessons he learned from ordinary people along the way.

Engaging Students in Civics through the Use of Primary Sources

Explore methods for engaging middle grade students in civics and history through primary sources.

No Impact (on the Environment) Lessons

The middle-level “No Impact Project” curriculum uses film and printed matter (including lesson handouts) to help middle and high school students explore the effects their everyday behavior has on the environment, their health, and their well-being. It will also challenge students to think about how the systems in our present society influence our lifestyle choices in ways that often are not good for environment. Finally, it will guide students to take action both individually and with others to bring about positive change.

Middle School Students Save the World!

Discover a learning experience for graduating 8th graders that requires the application of 21st century skills toward solving a vital, complex global problem and presenting those findings to authentic audiences.

Shades of Engaging ELLs: Culturally Responsive Teaching

Want to create an environment beyond the traditional diverse classroom? Participate using effective strategies to support the needs of academically, culturally and linguistically diverse learners!

Questioning as Literacy: A Critical Role for the Social Studies

The social studies should take the lead in teaching the critical inquiry-related skill of questioning. Explore the EFG questioning framework and how to introduce, practice, and utilize student questioning in the classroom.

Why Didn't They Just Leave? Jewish Emigration from Nazi Germany

Using resources from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, examine the challenges facing Jews fleeing Nazi Germany and explore connections to the plight of refugees today.
See Resources for this Session Why Didn't They Just Leave?

The Hero's Journey in the Lewis and Clark Expedition

Connect the Lewis and Clark expedition to the hero's journey and engage students. Use Google Tours to create a culminating project. The Monticello website and Barringer Fellowship will be discussed.

Skateboarding, Potholes, and Gun Violence: Students Advocate to Community Stakeholders

From brainstorming to student presentations at city hall, learn how to develop a process-oriented project that engages students in advocacy for change in their local community.

Natural Mystic: Bob Marley as Oral Historian

Examine how the music of Bob Marley facilitates change and speaks to important moments in social justice history.


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