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A Closer Look: Utilizing Visuals to Engage Middle School Learners

Explore using a variety of visuals to engage middle school students in history and civics. This fun, interactive session will provide strategies on how to incorporate visuals without sacrificing content.

A Classroom Renaissance: Integrating Fine Arts and Social Studies

The arts reflect and influence historical events and interpretation. This session demonstrates project-based approaches incorporating music and visual arts, providing deeper understanding of historical eras and societal change.

#ClassroomVR: Leveraging Virtual Reality in the Social Studies Classroom

Using virtual reality allows students to experience the world in a whole new way. Learn how to use, and build, a VR tour for your classroom.

When 2nd Meets 7th: A Collaborative Approach to Immigration

Discover how a cross-grade partnership can motivate and engage students. Walk away with examples and templates to create your own partnership unit.

What's Your Story? Discovering Your Local History through Primary Sources

Local history is more compelling for students than textbook history. Get students fired up about their own history by using local primary sources. Let us show you how.

Sunken and Seized Ships: What Warrants War?

From the shores of Tripoli to Iranian waters, U.S. Naval forces long have engaged with foreign powers. Learn how students explored such situations to deliberate about what warrants war.

Integrate Science, Social Studies, and Literature to Fascinate and Empower

Award-winning literature helps integrate social studies, science and common core! Joy Hakim tells the Story of US and the Story of Science, too, for practical ideas to fascinate and empower learners.

Foot Soldiers of Freedom: The Story of the Norfolk 17

Seventeen black junior and senior high school students broke down the walls of desegregation in Virginia in 1959. Skype with Louis Cousins, one of the Norfolk 17's bravest foot soldiers.

Calling All Delegates: Using UN Simulations in Middle School Classrooms

Learn how DC Public Schools are bringing United Nations simulations to every middle school classroom. Students become the delegates as they tackle global issues together.

Calculating the Cult of Personality during the Cultural Revolution

Solve, analyze, and discuss word problems from Cultural Revolution era textbooks in this engaging interdisciplinary lesson. No calculators necessary!


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