Options for Institutions

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Stand-alone subscriptions to NCSS journals are available to institutions such as college and university libraries, nonprofit organizations, and schools. [Individuals, please see our membership options and select your journal(s) there.]

Subscriptions: Electronic and/or Print

NEW! Institutions can now get electronic access! NCSS has teamed up with Metapress (a subsidiary of EBSCO) to provide institutions with electronic access to a collection of current and past NCSS journals. The journal collections are IP supported, key-word searchable, and SERU friendly.
   Choose your journal – Social Education, or Social Studies and the Young Learner, or both – and choose your medium of delivery:

Electronic Access + Print
Electronic Access

Learn more about subscription options and see price lists. Institutions may also choose to get additional subscriptions in the mail. They may subscribe through their usual subscription agency, or online through Metapress. Middle Level Learning is an online supplement to NCSS journals. The 16 pages of MLL will appear three times a year, at the end of the PDF of September; January/February; and May/June journals beginning in January 2013. Subscriptions do not include member benefits such as the online TSSP newsletter.

Institutional Membership (K-12)

This option is popular with many K-12 public schools. Institutional Members may designate up to three individuals who are eligible for NCSS member discounts (to the Annual Conference; on the price of books and bulletins; on special offers) and access to online benefits (such as the online Publications Archive; the Connected teachers network; TSSP newsletter; Middle Level Learning; and the U.S. History Collection). A regular institutional membership with one paper journal is $118. See the applications for all options.
   There are two easy ways to become an Institutional Member:
  1. Download the Institutional Membership Application PDF and send it by mail or fax.
  2. Complete the Online Application.
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