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NCSS E-Mail Listserves

NCSS E-Mail Listserves provide a forum for discussion with other educators around the world. After you have subscribed to a group, you will receive all e-mail messages sent to the group. Any messages you send to the group will be automatically sent to all other group members.


  • To unsubscribe from the list, send an e-mail message from the email account you wish to unsubscrive to Leaving the subject line blank, send the following message: unsubscribe ncss-l. For a list of other commands, send the word HELP.


The College and University Faculty Association of NCSS has established an email listserv focused on Theory and Research in Social Education. The group addresses effectiveness of instruction, how to assess student achievement, and topics covered in social studies methods classes, as well as other topics.


NCSS Legislative Updates provide helpful information on federal legislation, policy, and grant opportunities. If you have e-mail and if you are interested in being kept apprised about the status of legislation, you are invited to join the NCSS Legislative Listserv. Occasionally, the NCSS Legislative Listserv will also provide information on state legislation.
The NCSS Legislative Listserv is designed to provide readers with information directly from NCSS rather than to foster e-mail discussion among readers. Participants will not be able to reply to the members of the list. The e-mail addresses will be used for no other purpose other than that of the Legislative Listserv.

NCSS Communities

NCSS Communities are groups of NCSS members formed around a similar interest, subject, or job area. They are vehicles for NCSS members to discuss current topics, seek advice, share their knowledge and connect with other members with similar interests. NCSS Special Interest Groups, and several former committees are now part of the Communities structure. NCSS Communities may correspond all year by e-mail and also meet at the Annual Conference.

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