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Inauguration Resources for PBS "the.News"

The ninth the.News feature in the.Vote/the.Gov series launches next Wednesday 1/14 with a historical look at Inaugural "firsts." Starting with the Constitutional Mandate for this event as well as traditions developed over time, the report will cover the first President to take the oath of office in Washington DC; the first to be inaugurated at the U.S. Capitol; and who had the longest Inaugural speech. What has been the role of African Americans in the Inaugural? What about the role of women? When did the date of the Inaugural change and why? How has technology changed the coverage of the Inaugural? These are some of the key events highlighted in this news video that can be found at  A social studies lesson plan will be available (on 1/14/09) on the.News Educators Page, along with an open captioned version of the story (available by Friday 1/16/09) and an annotated transcript with time codes for easy reference. We also have plans for a podcast of the story on the Online NewsHour site (
And don't forget the student video competition called Details on the competition are available on the.News website (; the deadline for the competition is March 31, 2009.

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