Inauguration Resources for PBS "the.News"

The ninth the.News feature in the.Vote/the.Gov series launches next Wednesday 1/14 with a historical look at Inaugural "firsts." Starting with the Constitutional Mandate for this event as well as traditions developed over time, the report will cover the first President to take the oath of office in Washington DC; the first to be inaugurated at the U.S.


Lesson: Election Choices 2008!

The free lesson plan "Making Choices: An Exploration of Political Preferences" recently published in Middle Level Learning is available for download.


War and Terrorism

Current Events: Iraq and 9/11

Global educators respond to the possibility of war with Iraq by having students:

  1. Learn up to date historical, political, economic, and geographic background of the conflict;
  2. Recognize stereotypes and misinformation they may have about Iraqis and other people in the region;
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