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Looking Ahead to the Education Agenda of the 111th Congress

Please see attached an informative memo from Washington Partners that looks ahead to the work of the 111th Congress, focusing on education-related legislation that may be taken up and likely key education policy issues that may be of interest to NCSS.

See bullets below for the structure and highlights of the report:

I. General Overview
-Rundown of the makeup of the new Congress
-Obama's cabinet picks and their likely impact on aspects of administration's education policy
-Prospects for education spending in proposed economic stimulus package
-Outlook for education in ominibus spending plan for FY 2009

II. Report on Specific Bills up for Reathorization
-The Elementary and Secondary Education Act (aka No Child Left Behind Act)--how does the new Congress intend to "fix" NCLB, what specific changes might they make and how long will it take
-Workforce Investment Act--for purposes of education, includes Adult Education and Family Literacy Act
-Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)
-Education Sciences Reform Act

III. Policy Issues Likely to Be Debated in the 111th Congress
-Early Education
-Secondary School Reform
-K-12 Literacy
-Universal Design for Learning

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