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Education Report September 4, 2009

During this last week of the August Congressional recess, on Wednesday, the Aspen Institute’s Commission on No Child Left Behind emerged from its long hiatus to hold its first in a series of public hearings, which will build upon the Commission’s February 2007 recommendations for improving the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB). The hearings will also serve as a forum to discuss field experiences with NCLB, new requirements under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), and other developments. Attached please find a summary of this hearing.

The Department of Education kept up its frenetic pace this week and released additional guidance on ARRA funds. Also attached please find a summary of new guidance from ED on the use of Title 1, Part A and IDEA, Parts B and C funds to strengthen education, drive reform, and improve results for students. For more information visit: <>, <>, and <>,

Earlier in the week, ED issued a Dear Colleague Letter seeking recommendations for reviewers for the $4.35 billion Race to the Top Fund competitive grant program. Reviews are anticipated to take place between January 2010 and March 2010 for Phase 1 and between June 2010 and September 2010 for Phase 2. For more information on the qualifications or to submit an application visit: Applications must be submitted by September 30, 2009.

And finally, next Tuesday, President Obama will directly address students in his “back to school” message on the importance of taking responsibility for their education, challenging them to set goals, and do everything they can to succeed. This announcement has been covered widely in the press and isn’t without controversy. The address will be streamed live at <> and available on CSPAN.

Congress will return to Washington, DC next week ready to get to work.

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