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Education Report: October 17, 2008

Please see the attached Education Report for October 17, courtesy of Washington Partners.

Highlights to examine include:

  1. Appropriations-- the economic crisis continues to be Congress' main focus

  2. Century Foundation Holds Briefing on Suggestions for NCLB-- Discussion of their new book Improving on No Child Left Behind focusing on three basic problems with the bill that should be addressed in efforts to reform and reauthorize:

    1. lack of funding
    2. standards, testing and accountability provisions
    3. problems regarding school choice
  3. Areas of interest in the "In Brief" section
    Advisory Committee Meets to Discuss the important challenge of improving Financial Literacy

  4. Be sure to use the outline on the first page of the report to navigate your areas of interest and to scan the "New Publications" and "In the News" sections for other articles and useful resources. Under "In the News" this week, see the link to a useful overview of the differences in education policy between the two candidates.

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