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Ed. Report for 1/23/09 and 111th Congress Committee Members Lists

I. Education Report for January 23rd from Washington Partners.

Be sure to make use of the bookmarks at the beginning of the attached report to help navigate your areas of interest. Highlights under each section include:

  1. Budget and Appropriations
    -Despite tone of inauguration, struggle for consensus on stimulus package consumes Congress
    -Target date for completion of February 13
    -Will likely include 150 billion for education divided into five funding avenues

  2. Education Secretary Arne Duncan Confirmed By Senate
    -Enthusiasm on both sides
    -Duncan's 3 major goals met with approval
    -Still speculation over Duncan's top appointments within ED

  3. Senate Begins Confirming Obama Cabinet
    -Rundown of those confirmed and those pending

  4. In Brief, headings include:
    -ED Releases Report on NCLB Implementation
    -Miller Announces ED and Labor Subcommittee Chairs

Be sure to also scan sections #4 ("New Publications") and #5 ("In the News"), for articles of interest.

II. Committee Lists of 111th Congress

Washington Partners has also provided us with a list of Committee members in the new Congress relevant to education policy as they have been announced so far.

Please see attached:

  1. 111th House Committees
  2. 111th Senate Committees
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