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Education Report: December 5, 2008

Please see attached below the Education Report for December 5th from Washington Partners. Be sure to make use of the bookmarks at the beginning of the attached report to help navigate your areas of interest. Highlights under each section include:

  1. Budget and Appropriations

-uncertainty over President-Elect's selection of the new Secretary of Education

-Congress struggles to hammer out the details of a large scale economic recovery package that will be introduced early in 2009 (possible pieces relating to education?)

-Appropriations committee hard at work to reach goal of having an omnibus FY 2009 budget bill ready to present at the open of the 111th Congress on January 5th. We will know, by that date, whether they will actually come through with the additional 25 billion in domestic spending beyond the Bush administration's proposed budget.

  1. Education Sector Holds Briefing on Technology and the Cost of Higher Education

-Focused on the possibility of expanding the use of technology in America's colleges as a way to bring down the rising cost of higher education.

  1. In Brief section highlights include:

NEA Discussion on Achievement of at-risk Youth--author of recently released book focusing on the effects of poverty on student achievement argues that this extenuating circumstance has been ignored by NCLB.

Center for Applied Linguistics Hosts Briefing on "Educational Settings and the Acquisition of English as a Second Language."-- Suggests that efforts to teach english to growing # of ELL's should extend to the informal setting outside of the classroom.

National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education (NCPPHE) Releases National Report Card on Higher Ed.

Advisory Council Previews Financial Literacy Recommendations--in last meeting before they release their final report to the President on 12/16, members of the advisory council reach a consensus on recommendations of how to improve financial literacy.

Be sure to also scan sections #4 ("New Publications") and #5 ("In the News"), for articles of interest.

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