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Education Report August 7, 2009

1.Budget and Appropriations
-Even though Congress is in recess, the House Education and Labor Committee and Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee staff are expected to work on the budget reconciliation legislation this month.
-While the House panel approved a large proposal that affects federal student aid programs, and proposes a new community college initiative, as well as a new investment in early childhood education, it is unclear if the Senate is on board with the number and size of the proposed new entitlement programs.

2. ED hosts Second Stakeholder Meeting, Discusses Race to the Top Program
-Tuesday, the Dept. of Education held the second of its planned monthly series of "education stakeholder" meetings.
-Deputy Secretary Tony Miller gave attendees a broad overview of the Deptartment's recent guidance, emphasizing the Secretary's long-term goals related to K-12 reform efforts.
-Joanne Weiss, Director of Race tot he Top Fund, walked attendees through the program's guidance, noting that intends to reward applying states for implementing comprehensive education reform efforts.
-Assistant Deputy Secretary Jim Shelton spoke about the pending guidance on the Invest in Innovation fund.
Ed continues to post resources on the Race to the Top on its website. (

3.In Brief
-ED accelerates distribution of Stimulus Funds for Title I, IDEA and VR
-CDC updates guidelines for H1N1 Flu in Schools

Be sure to also check out sections #4 (New publications) and #5(In the News).

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