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Global Connections

Current Events in the Digital Classroom: Teaching Beyond the Whiteboard

Learn to use digital technology and social media to get your students excited about global news and extend your civics curriculum while helping students avoid the pitfalls of the Web.

The Secret History of U.S. Relations with Latin America

Explore the story you don't know. Join the Department of State for an eye-opening journey into our relations with Latin America. This session will change your perspective and your mind!

U.S. Foreign Policy & Global Issues: Student-to-Student Deliberation Format

Encourage students to think critically, voice views productively and weigh U.S. foreign policy and global issues from multiple perspectives. Participants will practice strategies and discuss classroom applications. Handouts.

Representing Knowledge: Children Use Web 2.0 in an Inquiry Unit

Children engaged in an inquiry-based environmental education unit and used Web 2.0 tools to represent knowledge and to construct it. Work samples demonstrating digital literacy integration will be shared.

The Field Studied from Birth: Social Studies for Early Childhood

Meeting social studies standards in early childhood is a reqirement of NAEYC. Participate in three activites that meet the standards and spiral to the higher grades.

Enlivening Student Literacy with Historical Fiction in the Digital Age

Participants will discover the power of historical fiction to enliven student literacy through an engaging unit of study on immigration and industrialization using the historical novel Dragonwings by Laurence Yep.

Creative Connections: Exploring Global Issues through Art

Enhance students' understanding of complex global issues through integrated visual arts. This presentation offers classroom based art activities exploring environmental issues, trade, quality of life, resources and other global concerns.

Report from Japan's Post 3.11 Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster

A scholar from Sendai shares his experience with the natural disaster and on-going recovery effort. The session explores the avenues for national/international civic engagements for youth in post 3.11 Japan.

Beyond Just War and Pacifism: A Window to Peace

Learn strategies to help students think critically about when or if war is justified. Lesson plans provided to promote critical thinking about major conflicts in the world today.

Being We the People: Engaging Students Across Cultures

Using the National Constitution Center's international program, Being We the People as a case study, participants will look a new ways to engage students across cultures using multimedia platforms.


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