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Global Connections

From the Dominican Republic to the USA, Facilitating Student Collaboration

Global understanding and digital literacy are essential for our students' connected future. We will share how one question began a three-year student-led project based learning global partnership.

Gayle Thieman: Visions and Experiences of an NCSS President

The Archives Committee welcomes all conference attendees to their annual Past President interview. Special guest Gayle Thieman (2007) will discuss NCSS policies and her experiences during her time in office.

To Repair the World: The Importance of International Humanitarian Law

This session will focus on the sharing of classroom-ready activities on the role of Judge Jackson at Nuremberg, international humanitarian law, and the warning signs of genocide.

Face to Faith: Teaching Global Citizenship in an Interdependent World

An inter-active exploration of Face to Faith, an innovative global education initiative that uses videoconferencing and online community to connect students ages 12-17 directly with their peers in 17 countries.

Building Global Competency in the Classroom through Intercultural Exchanges

Global citizenship is a key 21st century skill to succeed in our interdependent society. This session discusses nontraditional ways to promote global competencies through exchanges in/out of the classroom.

Teaching with Multicultural Children's Literature: Windows and Mirrors to Diversity

Participants will explore how multicultural children's literature can act as windows and mirrors to diversity and expand the "single stories" students have of people, historical events, and cultural situations.(Handouts provided)

Everything Happens Somewhere: Mapping Global Interconnectedness with National Geographic Education

Explore NatGeo Education resources including low and high-tech mapping tools with thematic layers, drawing tools, and more. Teachers working in K-12 will find value in the presented materials.

A Comparative Study of American and Korean Social Studies Curricula

This study introduces the social studies curricula recently revised in the United States and South Korea and compares them. The result reveals similarities and differences in both curricula.

NCSS Notable Trade Books 2012: Ideas for Classrooms and Learning

This session serves as a review NCSS Notable Trade Books, in which committee members present exemplars, as well as ideas for their use in the classroom. Ends with book raffle.

Analogy: the Overlooked Device in Effective Political Cartoons

Political cartoons on Canadian-American relations, found in Canadian newspapers from 1864 to the present, use analogies as the "hook" to attract the viewer's attention and effectively make a point.


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