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Global Connections

From Pirates to Piracy: Exploring Global Interdependence throughout History

Was Jack Sparrow the only pirate? In this session,United States and World History, Economics, and Government Teachers will take an exciting journey, exploring global trade, both legal and illegal.

Children as "Solutionaries": The Impact of Inquiry-Based, Environmental Education

Using authentic work samples, instructional footage, and interviews, the results of a multi-region, environmental curriculum pilot on children's understanding of sustainability and their roles as “solutionaries” will be explored.

Water Education as an Integrated Theme in Dutch Education

Water, a multi-dimensional theme that offers inspiring opportunies for integrated social studies lessons. In the Netherlands, such a curriculum is developed and is now adopted by school.

Everyone Gets It! A Model for Teaching Global Citizenship

Global Leadership is a global issues course that focuses on social and environmental justice through service learning and leadership skill development. Learn teaching strategies for use in any classroom.

Costa Rica Earthwatch Expedition: From Community to Cup to Classroom

Where does your coffee come from? Why does it matter? Hands-on materials to teach students the economic and social implications of our daily cuppa informed by time in the field.

IWitness: Holocaust Education for the 21st Century Learner

iWitness, a free resource from the USC Shoah Foundation, bridges Holocaust education and multi-literacies. IWitness allows students to construct knowledge and expand inquiry skills through interaction with digital survivor testimony.

OPEN? How to Integrate Current Values Research into any Classroom

Utilizing current research from all fields of social studies, teachers will learn how to incorporate universal values within their daily instruction. All of these values connect through OPENness.

The Window Project: Exploring Global Interdependence through Art

This session examines the use of The Window Project, an integrated social studies and arts task, in the elementary classroom to demonstrate global connections and interdependence through collective art media.

How is the View Different from that Window? Understanding Perspectives

Appropriate for teachers of elementary and middle school students, participants will view the world from different perspectives through the purposeful integration of social studies standards, reading strategies, and children's literature.

Exploring the Use of Realia to Enhance Student Learning

Presenters share various realia collected from their travels to enhance students' knowledge of the world. Participants will be encouraged to examine their own travels and surroundings to promote global connections.


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