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Global Connections

Global Collaborations: American and South African Preservice Teachers Take Action!

How does engagement in international, online collaborative research teams impact preservice teachers’ understanding of global issues and human cultures? American and South African teacher educators share opportunities and insights.

Safe Social Networking and Digital Media for the Classroom

Engage tech savvy youth and increase achievement via safe social networking and online media. See how Edmodo and more is used in a real teacher's classroom for instruction and communication.

Using Blogs as a Discussion Tool for Cross-Cultural Literacy

Using the findings of a recent mixed-methods study featuring secondary students blogging residents in Swaziland and Malaysia, this poster session presents heuristics for promoting cross-cultural literacy.

Students Seeing Sausage in DC: Making U.S. Human Rights Policy

Through this unique life changing course, students will gain insights to the many ways our government interacts with the rest of the world while developing policies on human rights.

Justice Now! The Ecological Footprint of Oil Production

Using 21st century skills, this session engages participants in the exploration of social justice and human rights from the Amazon of Ecuador to the Gulf Coast of the United States.

Social Studies as Context for Meeting the ELA Common Core

Tired of sneaking social studies into your curriculum "left behind?" This session offers strategies and resources linking social studies to ELA Common Core Standards through social media and children's literature.

Teachers as Role Models (TRM) Inspiring Active Young Citizens

Learn to turn your personal passion for citizenship into meaningful service-learning experiences for elementary students through the TRM approach! Help your students become active young local and/or global citizens.

Exploring Asia through Performing Arts

Explore Asia through its performing arts and receive the featured curriculum unit, "Performing Arts of Asia," published by The Seattle Times and UW's Jackson School of International Studies.

NCSS Notable Trade Book Committee Author Talk

Come to this session to listen to authors Helen Wilbur and Katherine Schlick Noe talk about their work and how it relates to social studies.

From China to Al-Andalus: Windows on Global Interdependence through Letter-Writing

Learn how students can share their research about historical characters, world religions, and ancient cities through exchanging letters, art and artifacts in order to understand the global exchange of ideas.


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