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Global Connections

The Social Studies Games: Teaching The Hunger Games

The popular series of books (and first movie) will be examined for ways that they can be used to teach and engage students in social studies concepts, strategies, and topics.

Social Studies for Global Detectives: The Landmark Games

Project-based learning unites with Social Studies in this intriguing web-based inquiry as students communicate and compete with players from around the world in the global Landmark Games.

Virtual Mentors Changing Teacher Preparation

Changing teacher preparation and field experience for preservice teacher by providing virtual mentors through Skype and Twitter to promote 21st century skills and learning in an elementary social studies classroom.

ePortfolio: Situating Ourselves in the Global Context

This collaborative ePen-pal project with University of Puerto Rico enabled my Education students to form a cross-cultural virtual community for sharing perspectives on global historical & contemporary events.

NCSS Professional Development through Powerful and Authentic Social Studies (PASS)

PASS is a NCSS professional development program based on principles of authentic intellectual work. This session introduces the PASS criteria, standards and rubrics. Benefits for your district will be highlighted.

When the World Cares: Teaching about Human Rights and Dignity

Session highlights fundamental concepts of universal human rights and humanitarian law, showcases resources and strategies to help students explore their own values, beliefs and connections to globally recognized humanitarian principles.

Create Curiosity with Images as Windows to Historic Events

Images are powerful communicators. With inquiry based discussion, visual literacy and critical thinking strategies, 6th-12th graders uncover history behind images from Seattle, Japan's March 2011 disasters, and participants' hometowns.

Exploring Asia's Diversity

Explore Asia's diversity through two featured curriculum units, "Islam in Asia" and "Youth Culture in Asia," published by The Seattle Times and UW's Jackson School of International Studies. Free materials!

Germany Opens Doors: Exploring Cross-Cultural Dialogue through TOP

Learn how to internationalize curriculum and open classrooms to cross-cultural dialogue through the Transatlantic Outreach Program . New materials will be introduced by the authors. Information about study tours provided.

"Create-a-Culture:" An Elementary Inquiry Project

"Create-a-Culture" is a cross-curricular, teacher developed program that engages students to examine the world, make global connections and share their learning by creating a documentary.


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