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Global Connections

Window to the Circumpolar World: Global Interdependence in the Arctic

The Arctic is receiving increased attention as a result of climate change, natural resource exploitation, and sovereignty issues. If there is a “bright side” to these issues, it is that Arctic indigenous peoples have a greater involvement and more influential voice in international affairs than ever before.

"A Problem from Hell" Revisited: Genocide Prevention Today

How does one approach the subject of genocide? What lessons should be learned? Study both the history and current issues surrounding genocide through discussion and activities suitable for the classroom.

Teaching Relevant Chinese Histories: Canada, the United States and Mexico

This clinic will address historic issues and make contemporary connections to Chinese experiences in the Americas. Speakers will provide perspectives on U.S. and diasporic histories, multicultural education, civil rights, race relations, voting rights, law, and Chinese culture.

Outlines of Buddhism in East Asia

Participants will interact with primary sources in Buddhist arts, literature, and history that connect to major themes in social studies, such as the transmission of ideas between cultures and their local adaptations, the expression of values and beliefs in art and literature, the impact of religion on local societies and economies, and the role of religion in the contemporary world. Presenters will pair the introduction of themes and sources with teaching ideas modeled through a variety of engaging activities, including a fun and empowering gallery experience that cultivates observation and critical-thinking skills as it synthesizes big ideas.

NYC Global Education Coalition: Non-Profits Building Globally Competent Students

This session will provide participants with resources and strategies to build global competency shared by non-profits in the NYC Global Education Coalition.

Travel Around the World without Leaving the Classroom

Awaken your student’s curiosity by bringing the world into their classroom and expanding their knowledge of world history, geography, and cultures as well as their skills in critical thinking, writing, research, and analysis through the use of various strategies. A CD with lesson plans and teaching materials tied to various K-12 history, geography, and language arts standards will be provided.

Others’ Lives: Using Current Non-Fiction Resources to Advance Global Understanding

Enrich your students’ views and understanding of historical events, cultural diversity, and global issues through the use of web-based strategies that utilize current non-fiction resources (e.g., memoirs, newspaper articles, etc.) to improve reading comprehension, content knowledge, and interdisciplinary writing skills.

Opening Windows to the World While Looking Through a Lens

Every location has a history. Explore limitless possibilities for students to "capture" where their forefathers stood. Educators will be taught to refocus learning social studies methods through a camera lens

Ten-Day Study Tour to Japan

The Keizai Koho Center organizes ten-day Fellowship to Japan in the summer that allows teachers to learn first-hand about contemporary Japanese society and enhance their classroom teaching of global perspectives.

Empowering Youth to Take Global Action

Global Concerns Classroom (GCC) provides free resources for in-class and after school use on global poverty issues for US secondary schools. Learn more about GCC and receive a free packet of global resources.


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