NCSS Board of Directors Nominations

The Nominations Committee has presented a slate of candidates for the 2015 Board of Directors and Officer elections. The candidate for President-Elect is Peggy Jackson (New Mexico). The candidates for Vice-President are Terry Cherry (Texas) and India Meissel (Virginia.) The candidate elected as vice-president will be in line to become NCSS President in 2017.

NCSS Elections are held online. Members of good standing as of December 31 will be eligible to vote via the Internet, or by optional paper ballot upon request. Instructions and electronic credentials to vote will be e-mailed to eligible voters. Please check that NCSS has your current e-mail address by visiting

Nomination by Petition

Qualified NCSS members may be nominated as candidates for vice president or for positions on the Board of Directors by petition. The name of a candidate nominated by petition, along with candidates nominated by the Nominations and Elections Committee, will be placed on the ballot and candidate information sheets. The petition must carry the signatures of at least 150 NCSS members; no more than 75 of these may be from one state, and no member may sign more than one petition.

Petition forms must be submitted to NCSS headquarters by November 1, accompanied by a 200-word biographical sketch, a 200-word position statement, and a photograph.

Official Petition Form


Vice President

In order to be eligible as a candidate for vice president, a person must have completed a full elected term on the board of directors before assuming office. House of Delegates Steering Committee chairs who have completed their terms are eligible.

Board of Directors

For purposes of nomination, elementary and secondary teachers are to be defined as persons actually teaching half-time or more in the classroom. College teachers are to be defined as college personnel who are half-time or more on a faculty appointment of a college or university. Responsibilities as department chairpersons or other administrative, supervisory, or project positions for more than half-time would place such persons in the category of open at-large. NCSS college student members preparing to fill any of these professional roles shall be eligible for nomination and election in any of these categories.


Allowed Practices

Candidates for elected positions in the NCSS and their supporters may engage in the following campaign practices aligned with the NCSS Code of Conduct as described for NCSS websites and terms of use:

  • They may seek the endorsement of any affiliated or associated organization of NCSS.
  • candidates may only solicit votes in person and through the use of an NCSS controlled or approved Website. All other use of electronic media by the candidates is prohibited.
  • Candidates may solicit votes in person.

Unacceptable Practices

Candidates for elected positions in the NCSS and their supporters may not engage in the following campaign practices:

  • They may not use hospitality rooms or any similar event to solicit votes at the annual NCSS conference or the annual conference of any NCSS affiliated or associated organization.
  • They may not use or distribute posters, displays or other materials that promote their candidacy at any social studies conference.
  • They may not seek or accept endorsement from any non-NCSS entity.
  • Current members of the NCSS Board of Directors and Officers may not campaign for a specific candidate.


Candidates who violate campaign policies will be subject to the following:

  • Candidates will be required to clarify or correct any materials which the NCSS Nominations Committee Chair feels violates campaign policies.
  • The NCSS Nominations Committee Chair will notify all other candidates if a violation of campaign policies is determined.
  • If a candidate refuses to comply with the decision of the NCSS Nominations Committee Chair, said candidate can be removed from the ballot by a majority vote of the Nominations Committee members.

NCSS Annual Conference Activities and Procedures

  • A candidates' forum on the NCSS CONNECTED website will be developed for NCSS members to view candidates' presentations, read candidate statements, and engage in online dialogue with candidates.
  • Each candidate will be given a name badge (and/or ribbon) that clearly identifies them as a candidate (to be worn only during the Annual Conference). They may be approached by attendees to discuss their experience, positions, etc.
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