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Social Studies Model Curriculum

Fifty-five Missouri educators have developed a Model Curriculum in social studies, which includes the four major content areas of economics, geography, government, and history--both world and U.S. The major goal behind the units is to give districts models they can use when revising their social studies curriculum. This presentation will explain the process and components to the curriculum. The units are aligned with the Grade-Level and Course-Level Expectations and with the English Language Arts Literacy Standards for social studies. The units are being revised based on feedback from teachers who piloted them. The units can be used in their entirety or parts can be adapted to existing curriculum.

Using Dual-Encoding and GIS to Advance History and Geography Education in the K-12 Classroom

2012 Grant for the Enhancement of Geographic Literacy Award Recipient
The presenter will discuss a local professional development activity that engages social studies teachers in the importance of maps and graphics in teaching history. An introduction to ArcGIS On-line provides teachers with the ability to make their own maps.

Continent on a Basketball Court? Exploring a NatGeo Giant Map

Get inspired to go global! Join a skilled educator to use one of National Geographic’s Giant Traveling Maps. Experience the innovative activities and learn how to expand your school’s geo-literacy.

Continuity and Change: The Mississippi River and Professional Development

Veteran teachers from the length of the Mississippi River will provide hands-on strategies and lesson plans for teaching about the peoples, places, economies, and environments along this historic river.

Poster Session-Getting Your Students to THINK!

Frustrated that your middle school students struggle to form opinions or strategic thinking? Come for ready-made lessons and strategies to help your students extend their thinking through social justice issues.

Poster Session-Geospatial Technology Facilitates English Learners’ Investigations through Language Use

Geospatial technology supports geographic inquiry and spatial thinking expressed through language arts. Integrate CCSS with 2012 Geography and English Language Development Standards to successfully engage English Language Learners. Materials provided.

Poster Session-Population Numbers Do Matter: On our Environment and our Cultures!

This session will cover the ideas of globalization, cultures, population numbers and natural resources individually, then weaved together, to see the implications of each upon the other.

Poster Session-The Earth From (Near) Space: Geography and the Common Core

We demonstrate how to employ visually-based geographic representations from a hands-on project for pre-service teachers to create curricular materials that integrate the National Geography Standards with the Common Core.

Poster Session-Bringing Literacy to Life through Social Studies

Preservice teachers and their professor will share experiences, thematic units, and specific lessons, for elementary and middle grade students integrating ELA and social studies in ways that energize learning.

Poster Session-Literacy in Geography: Meeting Common Core when Teaching Geography

This presentation is designed to help geography teachers meet the Common Core. It will provide a framework for teaching literacy in geography and provide an example lesson with several resources.


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