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Geography will be defined as art, social science, and science. Participants will explore the world through case studies of key issues like, 'borders and passages', 'conservation and exploitation', and sustainability.

Geospatial Enrichment Module

Supplementing social studies content and pedagogy with the use of geospatial resources, materials and tools can enrich instruction and increase spatial thinking in students.

Using Various Sources to Teach the Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

Learn how to integrate various sources such as graphic novels and free media resources to enrich and expand your discussion of Hurricane Katrina.

Teaching Human Population with Cartograms

Discover a new World Population Map and lesson plan to help students understand population distribution, land use, global demographics and quality of life indicators in this hands-on workshop.

Our Spatial Brains, Reading a Map

Review neuroscience research about visual perception and spatial thinking, and do scaffolded geography activities that seemed to help both inner-city and rural students score well in reading and in math.

It's Local, It's Global, It's Demographics in AP Geo

This session will address how AP Human Geography teachers can use the study of demographics to connect with people, places and cultures found from their town to their world.

Inquiry is more than a Fancy Word for Research

Learn about entry points for embedding the C3 standards into curriculum maps already written. Leave with a plan for practical addition of the C3 Arc of Inquiry into any curricula.

Making the Past Present

We share successful ways that culturally sustainable pedagogies have been developed and implemented that balance local Indigenous culture and heritage with national and state educational standards.

A Crash Course on C3 Questioning

A variety of questioning strategies to promote critical thinking and inquiry learning will be presented along with tips for improving student participation.

Wish Your Students Had Inquiring Minds: Try Question Quads!

Teach great question creation with this text-based strategy that facilitates inquiry, analysis, and rigorous discussion of complex text. Ensure that every student engages peers with thoughtful, deep and relevant questions.


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