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The hijab in public schools in the United States

In the United States, the number of students who wear the hijab (religious headscarf) is increasing. The poster presentation will explore religious pluralism and civil rights in public schools.

Venturing Forth with Unsure Footing: Why Social Studies Teacher Education Students Should Have Access to Overseas Experiences.

While teacher education programs struggle to broaden students’ world view, abroad experiences may hold a key to increasing global awareness through concentrated contact with dissimilar peoples, lifestyles and ideas.

Connectedness: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Global Literacy

Presenters will share an innovative curricular approach to global education, which crosses interdisciplinary boundaries, democratizes conversation through social media, and requires students to move from awareness to action.

Women's Global Voices in the Arab Spring

This paper seeks to explain and analyze how Arab women, across the globe, are using social media to participate in the Arab Spring and the possible benefits from their participation.

"Oh Say Can You See" Or Hear Citizenship and Patriotism

"Oh Say Can you See . . . " or hear citizenship in action? Come and engage in classroom-read/tested activities in which citizenship is discussed through reactions to music.

Developing Children’s Social and Cultural Understandings: The Moroccan Medina

Through modeling a narrative approach to studying the Moroccan Medina and examining research on engaging pedagogies, participants will understand how intercultural and global understandings are demonstrated through problem-solving experiences.

Conversation About Democracy in Morocco & the U.S.

A Moroccan secondary teacher who recently spent five months in the U.S. shares his knowledge/experiences with democracy in both countries and converses with the audience based on their comments/questions.

Democracy Alive in Classrooms: Kids Voting USA and Citizenship Counts

Both programs lead students through interactive, real world curricula, culminating with ballots cast at the actual polls (Kids Voting), or an official naturalization ceremony on their campus(Citizenship Counts).

Teaching global awareness: learning strategies that work

The purpose of this hands-on session is to discuss learning strategies that help students become active participants in their own learning in the classroom and beyond.

How to Maintain Curriculum Currency in a Constantly Changing World?

Integrating traditional literature, social media, online collaborative and content-curating tools allows teachers to meet the challenges of currency and student engagement in examining today’s democracy movements in MENA.


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