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The Electoral Process: Image Making Meaning

Participants will be guided through 3 lesson plans integrating the electoral processes of Jordan, The United Arab Emirates, Israel and Iraq with representational art making for students ages 10-13.

Teaching Arab Culture through Film

This session will review the experience teaching Arab culture at a public high school in Portland, OR, discuss opportunities and challenges, offer best practices, and share curriculum and lesson plans.

Inquiry-Based Approaches to Teaching Social Studies Curriculum to Pre-Service Teachers.

Students studying to become social studies teachers can develop content area knowledge, disciplinary literacy and teaching methods through inquiry-based approaches in their curriculum and methods coursework within schools of education.

Democracy Education via Social-Media: Thomas Jefferson's Boisterous Sea of Liberty

Participants will explore a digital platform for the exchange of resources, teacher-derived activities, and expert historical content to elaborate on the ideals of self-government and individual rights for classroom use

Re-envisioning Civics Education: Empowering Youth to Participate in the Legal-Landscape

What does civic participation look like in the 21st century? How can we empower students to solve problems and advance democracy? Participants explore Law and Justice, an inquiry-based curriculum.

Ethnocentrism: Awareness of Our Biases in Cross-Cultural Interactions

A lesson is presented examining personal cultural biases that hinder positive cross-cultural interactions in a global community.

Measuring the Civic Values of Education Policymakers and Policy Shapers

This research proposes a measure for the civic values of those with the strongest impact on civic education— policymakers and the teachers whose ideologies daily shape their students’ education.

Beyond the Media: How Communicating Across Cultures Challenged Students’ Stereotypes

This poster chronicles the experiences of a rural, American class trying to understand current events in the Arab world and how communicating across cultures challenged stereotypes fostered by media coverage.

Night in TunisiaArab Jazz, Innovation & Democracy

This session uses jazz music to convey the elements of democracy in an Arab context. Participants join a Socratic circle to discuss Tunisia as a blueprint for modern society.

Islamophobia in the Western Media

We will compare and contrast the reporting of the watershed events such as 9/11, The Arab Spring, and the Conflict in Syria in western media with Al Jazeera's reporting.


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