Constitution Day Lesson Plans

The NCSS Publications archives and a number of educational websites offer excellent lesson plans that can help teachers prepare for Constitution Day.
* http://publications.socialstudies.org/se/7504/7504226.pdf


A Gift to America after 9/11: A Lesson for Young Learners (Elementary Education)

--Robert A. Waterson and Mary E. Haas
The present from the Maasai people to the American people described in a picture book offers an ideal opportunity for teaching young students about 9/11 in a manner that highlights global citizenship and compassion.
* http://publications.socialstudies.org/se/7504/7504191.pdf


"Beyond Pilgrim Hats and Turkey Hands: Using Thanksgiving to Promote Citizenship and Activism"

--Erica M. Christie and Sarah E. Montgomery
The authors share four strategies to help teachers reinvigorate their Thanksgiving lessons with rich social studies content aimed at promoting citizenship and activism.


A Living History Classroom: Using Re-Enactment to Enhance Learning

--Mark L. Daniels
Teachers and students can bring history to life by donning period clothing or carrying objects common in past eras to engage students and enhance classroom presentations.


Historic Sites and Your Students

--William E. White
Field trips to historic sites, such as to the house in Colonial Williamsburg of Revolution-era scholar George Wythe, offer students a tangible and physical connection to the past.


Realia: It’s Not Just about Field Trips Anymore

--Kyle McKoy
Financial constraints and testing pressures have forced many school districts to cut back on field trips to museums. But with traveling trunks, museums are making sure that students still have access to primary source artifacts.


The Pleasant Valley School: A Living History Project

--David L. Buckner, Pamela U. Brown, and John Curry
In Stillwater, Oklahoma, fourth graders from around the state can step back in time and experience a day at the turn of the twentieth century in a one-room schoolhouse.


Creating Biography Webs to Investigate Individuals’ Historical Contexts (Elementary Education)

Gary Fertig and Rick Silverman
Creating biography webs helps young learners recognize how people, economic conditions, and significant events shaped the personal development of historic individuals.

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