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Principles for Corporate Involvement in the Schools

A Position Statement of National Council for the Social Studies

School-business relationships based on sound principles can contribute to high quality education. However, compulsory attendance confers on educators an obligation to protect the welfare of their students and the integrity of the learning environment. Therefore, when working together schools and business must ensure that educational values are not distorted in the process. Positive school-business relationships should be ethical and structured in accordance with all eight of the following principles:

Intelligent Design

A Position Statement of National Council for the Social Studies
© Copyright 2007 National Council for the Social Studies. All rights reserved
This position statement, which was prepared by the NCSS Task Force on Intelligent Design, was approved by the NCSS Board of Directors in May 2007.


Best Practices in Elementary Social Studies

2007 NCSS Annual Conference

Best Practice in Elementary School Geography

The World in Spatial Terms: Mapmaking and Map Reading
Gale Ekiss & Judy Philips

NCSS Outstanding Social Studies Teacher of the Year

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