Intelligent Design

A Position Statement of National Council for the Social Studies
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This position statement, which was prepared by the NCSS Task Force on Intelligent Design, was approved by the NCSS Board of Directors in May 2007.



NCSS Awards


Best Practices in Elementary Social Studies

2007 NCSS Annual Conference

Best Practice in Elementary School Geography

The World in Spatial Terms: Mapmaking and Map Reading
Gale Ekiss & Judy Philips   --> read more »


Powerful and Authentic Social Studies

Do you want to:

  • Make your students active, eager learners?
  • Align your social studies curriculum with state or national standards?
  • Design assessments that help students master subject matter?
  • Energize both experienced and new teachers?
  • Offer social studies instruction that is systematic and valuable?
  • Graduate informed students who will be active citizens?
Partnering with National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) in the professional development of your staff can be the best way to renew your social studies programs, energize your teachers, shar   --> read more »

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