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Election Results 2010

Election 2010 Results

NOVEMBER 3, 2010
Prepared by Ellin Nolan (
Charts prepared by Stephanie Lovell (

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Summary of Results
U.S. Senate Chart
U.S. House of Representatives Chart
Additional Election Information

Summary of Results
The results of the mid-term elections reverberated throughout the Nation’s Capitol today. Though all the races have not yet been decided, we do know that a Republican majority will take charge in the House of Representatives, and the Democratic majority in the Senate will be weakened when the 112th Congress convenes in January 2011. At last count, 239 Republicans and 185 Democrats had been elected, and 11 races were undecided. In the Senate the split was 49 Democrats, 46 Republicans, 2 Independents (voting Democratic) and 2 undecided. Immediate impacts include Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) handing the Speaker’s mantel to Representative John Boehner (R-OH) and Representative George Miller (D-CA) conceding the Chair of the Education and Labor Committee to Representative John Kline (R-MN). Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) held on to his seat by the narrowest of margins and, therefore, the Majority Leaders slot. The Chair of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee remains with Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) but several other changes in Committee membership are likely. The three outstanding races involve seats held by HELP Committee incumbents Senator Patty Murray (D-WA), Senator Michael Bennett (D-CO) and Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK).

Turning to appropriations, longtime Chair of the Labor, Health and Human Services and Education (LHHS and Ed) Appropriations Subcommittee and education funding advocate, Representative David Obey (D-WI), has retired. His successor will not be
named until December along with the new Chair of the full Committee. Senator Thad
Cochran (R-MS) will give up his post as Ranking Member on the Senate LHHS and Ed Appropriations Subcommittee in the new Congress and again, his replacement is unknown. What is known is the public and newly elected Members of Congress’ commitment to reduce spending, a goal that will undoubtedly impact funding for education.

The 112th Congress will be more conservative, have fewer female Members, and will be anxious to respond to the wave of voter angst about the faltering economy. In remarks to supporters in his Ohio District, future Speaker Boehner acknowledged these concerns and said that under his leadership every effort would be made to make government more functional, smaller, less costly and less intrusive in the lives of citizens. Calling the national debt a burden on future generations he pledged to reduce spending and eliminate government waste. In what appeared contradictory to some, Boehner also said the permanent extension of the so-called Bush tax cuts, a costly commitment that will surely dramatically increase the debt he wants eliminated, will be a top priority.

Of note, Representative Boehner will be the first Speaker in 75 years to come up through the ranks as an authorizing committee chair. His leadership of the Education and Labor Committee was considered successful by many and produced the No Child Left Behind Act, praised at the time as a bi-partisan accomplishment. This has led to speculation that the 112th Congress might turn to rewriting that now tarnished label as an example of their commitment to new cooperation across party lines. Representative Kline (R-MN), anticipating his new role, was quick to issue a statement outlining his agenda for the Committee. Though short on details he did make it clear that job creation and education reform efforts would be high on his priority list. It is also known that Kline supports fully funding the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), expansion of charter schools, school vouchers, merit pay for teachers and the Supplemental Education Services program.

The 112th Congress will be seated in early January. In the interim, a lame duck session of the 111th Congress will return to Washington on November 15th. There has been endless speculation about the agenda that will be tackled. Having left town without completing action on the FY 2011 budget, at the very least a Continuing Resolution will have to be extended into next year or an omnibus spending bill agreed to. In addition, expiring tax cuts are on the minds of voters and will likely be taken up. Education advocates also hope the lame duck will be an opportunity for the House to take up the Senate passed Child Nutrition Act and for the Senate to take up the House passed America COMPETES legislation.

For the past two years the House and Senate education authorizing committees have been working to rewrite the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). That effort will continue in the Senate but progress in the House, under new leadership, is a question mark. Incoming Chairman Kline has participated in these negotiations and praised Secretary Duncan for his leadership on ESEA, endorsing many aspects of the Administration’s Blueprint. As Chairman, however, Kline has the opportunity to put his own mark on education reform and is unlikely to take up the bill now under development by House Democrats. Other education policies due for reauthorization in the next Congress include the Workforce Investment Act/Vocational Rehabilitation Act, a high priority for both Kline and HELP Committee Ranking Member Mike Enzi (R-WY); the Education Sciences Reform Act; and the IDEA.

U.S. Senate Chart

2010 Senate Election Races
Thirty-seven members of the Senate faced re-election in 2012. This chart details the known results of these races, with the incoming Senator listed under the 112th Congress column on the far right.
Member of the Senate Labor, Health and Human Services, Education Appropriations Subcommittee in the 111th Congress - Bold
Member of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee in the 111h Congress - Italics
New Members of the Senate are highlighted in gray.

State Incumbent Party Challenger Party Winner 112th Congress
Alabama Richard Shelby R William Barnes D Richard Shelby
Alaska Lisa Murkowski- Write-in R Joe Miller (R) vs. Scott McAdams (D) Too close to call
Arizona John McCain R Rodney Glassman D John McCain
Arkansas Blanche Lincoln D John Boozman R John Boozman
California Barbara Boxer D Carly Fiorina R Barbara Boxer
Colorado Michael Bennet - Appointed D Ken Buck R Michael Bennet
Connecticut Chris Dodd- Retiring D Richard Blumenthal (D) vs. Linda McMahon (R) Richard Blumenthal
Delaware Tom Kaufman- Appointed (D Chris Coons (D) vs. Christine O'Donnell (R) Chris Coons
Florida George LeMieux- Appointed R Kendrick Meek (D) vs. Charlie Crist (I) vs. Marco Rubio (R) Marco Rubio
Georgia Johnny Isakson R Michael Thurmond D Johnny Isakson
Hawaii Daniel Inouye D Cam Cavasso R Daniel Inouye
Idaho Mike Crapo R P. Tom Sullivan D Mike Crapo
Illinois Roland Burris- Appointed D Alexi Giannoulias (D) vs. Mark Kirk (R) Mark Kirk
Indiana Evan Bayh- Retiring D Brad Ellsworth (D) vs. Dan Coats (R) Dan Coats
Iowa Chuck Grassley R Roxanne Conlin D Chuck Grassley
Kansas Sam Brownback- Retiring R Jerry Moran (R) vs. Lisa Johnston (D) Jerry Moran
Kentucky Jim Bunning- Retiring R Jack Conway (D) vs. Rand Paul (R) Rand Paul
Louisiana David Vitter R Charlie Melancon D David Vitter
Maryland Barbara Mikulski D Eric Wargotz R Barbara Mikulski
Missouri Kit Bond- Retiring R Roy Blunt (R) vs. Robin Carnahan (D) Roy Blunt
Nevada Harry Reid D Sharron Angle R Harry Reid
New Hampshire Judd Gregg- Retiring R Paul Hodes (D) vs. Kelly Ayotte (R) Kelly Ayotte
New York Chuck Schumer D Jay Townsend R Chuck Schumer
New York Kirsten Gillibrand - Appointed D Joe DioGuardi R Kirsten Gillibrand
North Carolina Richard Burr R Elaine Marshall D Richard Burr
North Dakota Byron Dorgan- Resigned D Tracy Potter (D) vs. John Hoeven (R) John Hoeven
Ohio George Voinovich- Retiring R Rob Portman (R) vs. Lee Fisher (D) Rob Portman
Oklahoma Tom Coburn R Jim Rogers D Tom Coburn
Oregon Ron Wyden D James Huffman R Ron Wyden
Pennsylvania Arlen Specter- Lost in Primary D Joe Sestak (D) vs Pat Toomey (R) Pat Toomey
South Carolina Jim DeMint R Alvin Green D Jim DeMint
South Dakota John Thune R Unopposed John Thune
Utah Bob Bennett- Lost nomination at Utah Republican Convention R Mike Lee (R) vs. Sam Granato (D) Mike Lee
Vermont Pat Leahy D Len Britton R Pat Leahy
Washington Patty Murray D Dino Rossi R Too Close to Call
Robert Byrd- Deceased, Interim Senator- Carte Goodwin- Resigned D Joe Manchin vs.(D) John Raese (R) Joe Manchin
Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold D Ron Johnson R Ron Johnson

U.S. House of Representatives Chart

2010 House Election Races
All 435 members of the House face re-election every two years. This chart details the known results of these races, with the incoming Representative listed under the 112th Congress column on the right.
Member of the House Labor, Health and Human Services, Education Appropriations Subcommittee in the 111h Congress - Bold
Member of the House Education and Labor Committee in the 111th Congress - Italics
New Members of the House of Representatives are highlighted in gray.

State Incumbent Party Winner 112th Congress Party
Alabama (1) Jo Bonner R Jo Bonner R
Alabama (2) Bobby Bright D Martha Roby R
Alabama (3) Mike Rogers R Mike Rogers R
Alabama (4) Robert Aderholt R Robert Aderholt R
Alabama (5) Parker Griffith- Defeated in Primary D Mo Brooks R
Alabama (6) Spencer Bachus R Spencer Bachus R
Alabama (7) Artur Davis- Running for Governor D Terri Sewell D
Alaska (1) Don Young R Don Young R
Arizona (1) Ann Kirkpatrick D Paul Gosar R
Arizona (2) Trent Franks R Trent Franks R
Arizona (3) John Shadegg- Retiring R Ben Quayle R
Arizona (4) Ed Pastor D Ed Pastor D
Arizona (5) Harry Mitchell D David Schweikert R
Arizona (6) Jeff Flake R Jeff Flake R
Arizona (7) Raul Grijalva D Too Close to Call
Arizona (8) Gabrielle Giffords D Too Close to Call
Arkansas (1) Marion Berry- Retiring D Rick Crawford R
Arkansas (2) Vic Snyder- Retiring D Tim Griffin R
Arkansas (3) John Boozman- Running for Senate R Steve Womack R
Arkansas (4) Mike Ross D Mike Ross D
California (1) Michael Thompson D Michael Thompson D
California (2) Wally Herger R Wally Herger R
California (3) Todd Lungren R Todd Lungren R
California (4) Tom McClintock R Tom McClintock R
California (5) Doris Matsui D Doris Matsui D
California (6) Lynn Woolsey D Lynn Woolsey D
California (7) George Miller D George Miller D
California (8) Nancy Pelosi D Nancy Pelosi D
California (9) Barbara Lee D Barbara Lee D
California (10) John Garamendi D John Garamendi D
California (11) Jerry McNerney D To Close to Call
California (12) Jackie Speier D Jackie Speier D
California (13 Pete Stark D Pete Stark D
California (14) Anna Eshoo D Anna Eshoo D
California (15) Michael Honda D Michael Honda D
California (16) Zoe Lofgren D Zoe Lofgren D
California (17) Sam Farr D Sam Farr D
California (18) Dennis Cardoza D Dennis Cardoza D
California (19) George Radanovich- Retiring R Jeff Denham R
California (20) Jim Costa D
California (21) Devin Nunes R Devin Nunes R
California (22) Kevin McCarthy R Kevin McCarthy R
California (23) Lois Capps D Lois Capps D
California (24) Elton Gallegly R Elton Gallegly R
California (25) Buck McKeon R Buck McKeon R
California (26) David Dreier R David Dreier R
California (27) Brad Sherman D Brad Sherman D
California (28) Howard Berman D Howard Berman D
California (29) Adam Schiff D Adam Schiff D
California (30) Henry Waxman D Henry Waxman D
California (31) Xavier Becerra D Xavier Becerra D
California (32) Judy Chu D Judy Chu D
California (33) Diane Watson- Retiring D Karen Bass D
California (34) Lucille Roybal-Allard D Lucille Roybal-Allard D
California (35) Maxine Waters D Maxine Waters D
California (36) Jane Harman D Jane Harman D
California (37) Laura Richardson D Laura Richardson D
California (38) Grace Napolitano D Grace Napolitano D
California (39) Linda Sanchez D Linda Sanchez D
California (40) Ed Royce R Ed Royce R
California (41) Jerry Lewis R Jerry Lewis R
California (42) Gary Miller R Gary Miller R
California (43) Joe Baca D Joe Baca D
California (44) Ken Calvert R Ken Calvert R
California (45) Mary Bono Mack R Mary Bono Mack R
California (46) Dana Rohrabacher R Dana Rohrabacher R
California (47) Loretta Sanchez D Loretta Sanchez D
California (48) John Campbell R John Campbell R
California (49) Darrell Issa R Darrell Issa R
California (50) Brian Bilbray R Brian Bilbray R
California (51) Bob Filner D Bob Filner D
California (52) Duncan D. Hunter Jr. R Duncan D. Hunter Jr. R
California (53) Susan A. Davis D Susan A. Davis D
Colorado (1) Diana DeGette D Diana DeGette D
Colorado (2) Jared Polis D Jared Polis D
Colorado (3) John Salazar D Scott Tipton R
Colorado (4) Betsy Markey D Cory Gardner R
Colorado (5) Doug Lamborn R Doug Lamborn R
Colorado (6) Mike Coffman R Mike Coffman R
Colorado (7) Edwin Perlmutter D Edwin Perlmutter D
Connecticut (1) John Larson D John Larson D
Connecticut (2) Joseph Courtney D Joseph Courtney D
Connecticut (3) Rosa DeLauro D Rosa DeLauro D
Connecticut (4) Jim Himes D Jim Himes D
Connecticut (5) Chris Murphy D Chris Murphy D
Delaware (1) Mike Castle- Ran for Senate R John Carney D
District of Columbia Eleanor Holmes Norton D Eleanor Holmes Norton D
Florida (1) Jeff Miller R Jeff Miller R
Florida (2) Allen Boyd D Steve Southerland R
Florida (3) Corrine Brown D Corrine Brown D
Florida (4) Andy Crenshaw R Andy Crenshaw R
Florida (5) Ginny Brown-Waite- Retiring R Richard Nugent R
Florida (6) Cliff Stearns R Cliff Stearns R
Florida (7) John Mica R John Mica R
Florida (8) Alan Grayson D Daniel Webster R
Florida (9) Gus Bilirakis R Gus Bilirakis R
Florida (10) Bill Young R Bill Young R
Florida (11) Katherine Castor D Katherine Castor D
Florida (12) Adam Putnam- Running for Florida Commissioner of Agriculture R Dennis Ross R
Florida (13) Vern Buchanan R Vern Buchanan R
Florida (14) Connie Mack R Connie Mack R
Florida (15) Bill Posey R Bill Posey R
Florida (16) Tom Rooney R Tom Rooney R
Florida (17) Kendrick Meek- Running for Senate D Frederica Wilson D
Florida (18) Ileana Ros-Lehtinen R Ileana Ros-Lehtinen R
Florida (19) Ted Deutch D Ted Deutch D
Florida (20) Debbie Wasserman-Schultz D Debbie Wasserman-Schultz D
Florida (21) Lincoln Diaz-Balart- Retiring R Mario Diaz-Balart R
Florida (22) Ron Klein D Allen West R
Florida (23) Alcee Hastings D Alcee Hastings D
Florida (24) Suzanne Kosmas D Sandra Adams R
Florida (25) Mario Diaz-Balart- Running for 21st District D David Rivera R
Georgia (1) Jack Kingston R Jack Kingston R
Georgia (2) Sanford Bishop D Sanford Bishop D
Georgia (3) Lynn Westmoreland R Lynn Westmoreland R
Georgia (4) Hank Johnson D Hank Johnson D
Georgia (5) John Lewis D John Lewis D
Georgia (6) Tom Price R Tom Price R
Georgia (7) John Linder- Retiring R Rob Woodall R
Georgia (8) John Marshall D Austin Scott R
Georgia (9) Tom Graves R Tom Graves R
Georgia (10) Paul Broun R Paul Broun R
Georgia (11) Phil Gingery R Phil Gingery R
Georgia (12) John Barrow D John Barrow D
Georgia (13) David Scott D David Scott D
Hawaii (1) Charles Djou R Colleen Hanabusa D
Hawaii (2) Mazie Hirono D Mazie Hirono D
Idaho (1) Walt Minnick D Raul Labrador R
Idaho (2) Mike Simpson R Mike Simpson R
Illinois (1) Bobby Rush D Bobby Rush D
Illinois (2) Jesse Jackson D Jesse Jackson D
Illinois (3) Dan Lipinski D Dan Lipinski D
Illinois (4) Luis Gutierrez D Luis Gutierrez D
Illinois (5) Mike Quigley D Mike Quigley D
Illinois (6) Peter Roskam R Peter Roskam R
Illinois (7) Danny Davis D Danny Davis D
Illinois (8) Melissa Bean D Too Close to Call
Illinois (9) Janice Schakowsky D Janice Schakowsky D
Illinois (10) Mark Kirk- Running for Senate D Robert Dold R
Illinois (11) Debbie Halvorson D Adam Kinzinger R
Illinois (12) Jerry Costello D Jerry Costello D
Illinois (13) Judy Biggert R Judy Biggert R
Illinois (14) Bill Foster D Randy Hultgren R
Illinois (15) Tim Johnson R Tim Johnson R
Illinois (16) Donald Mazullo R Donald Mazullo R
Illinois (17) Phillip Hare D Bobby Schilling R
Illinois (18) Aaron Schock R Aaron Schock R
Illinois (19) John Shimkus R John Shimkus R
Indiana (1) Peter Visclosky D Peter Visclosky D
Indiana (2) Joseph Donnelly D Joseph Donnelly D
Indiana (3) Mark Souder- Resigned R Marlin Stutzman R
Indiana (4) Steve Buyer- Retiring R Todd Rokita R
Indiana (5) Dan Burton R Dan Burton R
Indiana (6) Mike Pence R Mike Pence R
Indiana (7) Andre Carson D Andre Carson D
Indiana (8) Brad Ellsworth- Running for Senate D Larry D. Bucshon R
Indiana (9) Baron Hill D Todd Young R
Iowa (1) Bruce Braley D Bruce Braley D
Iowa (2) Dave Loebsack D Dave Loebsack D
Iowa (3) Leonard Boswell D Leonard Boswell D
Iowa (4) Tom Latham R Tom Latham R
Iowa (5) Steve King R Steve King R
Kansas (1) Jerry Moran- Running for Senate R Tim Huelskamp R
Kansas (2) Lynn Jenkins R Lynn Jenkins R
Kansas (3) Dennis Moore- Retiring D Kevin Yoder R
Kansas (4) Todd Tiahrt- Running for Senate R Mike Pompeo R
Kentucky (1) Edward Whitfield R Edward Whitfield R
Kentucky (2) Brett Guthrie R Brett Guthrie R
Kentucky (3) John Yarmuth D John Yarmuth D
Kentucky (4) Geoff Davis R Geoff Davis R
Kentucky (5) Harold Rogers R Harold Rogers R
Kentucky (6) Ben Chandler D Too Close to Call
Louisiana (1) Steve Scalise R Steve Scalise R
Louisiana (2) Joseph Cao R Cedric Richmond D
Louisiana (3) Charlie Melancon- Running for Senate D Jeff Landry R
Louisiana (4) John Fleming R John Fleming R
Louisiana (5) Rodney Alexander R Rodney Alexander R
Louisiana (6) Bill Cassidy R Bill Cassidy R
Louisiana (7) Charles Boustany R Charles Boustany R
Maine (1) Chellie Pingree D Chellie Pingree D
Maine (2) Michael Michaud D Michael Michaud D
Maryland (1) Frank Kratovil D Andy Harris R
Maryland (2) Dutch Ruppersberger D Dutch Ruppersberger D
Maryland (3) John Sarbanes D John Sarbanes D
Maryland (4) Donna Edwards D Donna Edwards D
Maryland (5) Steny Hoyer D Steny Hoyer D
Maryland (6) Roscoe Bartlett R Roscoe Bartlett R
Maryland (7) Elijah Cummings D Elijah Cummings D
Maryland (8) Chris Van Hollen D Chris Van Hollen D
Massachusetts (1) John Olver D John Olver D
Massachusetts (2) Richard Neal D Richard Neal D
Massachusetts (3) Jim McGovern D Jim McGovern D
Massachusetts (4) Barney Frank D Barney Frank D
Massachusetts (5) Niki Tsongas D Niki Tsongas D
Massachusetts (6) John Tierney D John Tierney D
Massachusetts (7) Edward Markey D Edward Markey D
Massachusetts (8) Michael Capuano D Michael Capuano D
Massachusetts (9) Stephen Lynch D Stephen Lynch D
Massachusetts (10) William Delahunt- Retiring D Bill Keating D
Michigan (1) Bart Stupak- Retiring D Dan Benishek R
Michigan (2) Peter Hoekstra- Running for Governor R Bill Huizenga R
Michigan (3) Vernon Ehlers- Retiring R Justin Amash R
Michigan (4) Dave Camp R Dave Camp R
Michigan (5) Dale Kildee D Dale Kildee D
Michigan (6) Fred Upton R Fred Upton R
Michigan (7) Mark Schauer D Tim Walberg R
Michigan (8) Michael Rogers R Michael Rogers R
Michigan (9) Gary Peters D
Michigan (10) Candice Miller R Candice Miller R
Michigan (11) Thadeus McCotter R Thadeus McCotter R
Michigan (12) Sandy Levin D Sandy Levin D
Michigan (13) Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick- Defeated in Primary D Hansen Clarke D
Michigan (14) John Conyers D John Conyers D
Michigan (15) John Dingell D John Dingell D
Minnesota (1) Tim Walz D Tim Walz D
Minnesota (2) John Kline R John Kline R
Minnesota (3) Erik Paulsen R Erik Paulsen R
Minnesota (4) Betty McCollum D Betty McCollum D
Minnesota (5) Keith Ellison D Keith Ellison D
Minnesota (6) Michelle Bachmann R Michelle Bachmann R
Minnesota (7) Collin Peterson D Collin Peterson D
Minnesota (8) James Oberstar D Chip Cravaack R
Mississippi (1) Travis Childers D Alan Nunnelee R
Mississippi (2) Bennie Thompson D Bennie Thompson D
Mississippi (3) Gregg Harper R Gregg Harper R
Mississippi (4) Gene Taylor D Steven Palazzo R
Missouri (1) Wm. Lacy Clay D Wm. Lacy Clay D
Missouri (2) Todd Akin R Todd Akin R
Missouri (3) Russ Carnahan D Russ Carnahan D
Missouri (4) Ike Skelton D Vicky Hartzler R
Missouri (5) Emanuel Cleaver D Emanuel Cleaver D
Missouri (6) Sam Graves R Sam Graves R
Missouri (7) Roy Blunt- Running for Senate R Billy Long R
Missouri (8) Jo Ann Emerson R Jo Ann Emerson R
Missouri (9) Blaine Luetkemeyer R Blaine Luetkemeyer R
Montana (1) Dennis Rehberg R Dennis Rehberg R
Nebraska (1) Jeff Fortenberry R Jeff Fortenberry R
Nebraska (2) Lee Terry R Lee Terry R
Nebraska (3) Adrian Smith R Adrian Smith R
Nevada (1) Shelley Berkley D Shelley Berkley D
Nevada (2) Dean Heller R Dean Heller R
Nevada (3) Dina Titus D Joe Heck R
New Hampshire (1) Carol Shea-Porter D Frank Guinta R
New Hampshire (2) Paul Hodes- Running for Senate D Charlie Bass R
New Jersey (1) Rob Andrews D Rob Andrews D
New Jersey (2) Frank LoBiondo R Frank LoBiondo R
New Jersey (3) John Adler D Jon Runyan R
New Jersey (4) Christopher Smith R Christopher Smith R
New Jersey (5) Scott Garrett R Scott Garrett R
New Jersey (6) Frank Pallone D Frank Pallone D
New Jersey (7) Leonard Lance R Leonard Lance R
New Jersey (8) Bill Pascrell D Bill Pascrell D
New Jersey (9) Steven Rothman D Steven Rothman D
New Jersey (10) Donald Payne D Donald Payne D
New Jersey (11) Rodney Frelinghuysen R Rodney Frelinghuysen R
New Jersey (12) Rush Holt D Rush Holt D
New Jersey (13) Albio Sires D Albio Sires D
New Mexico (1) Martin Heinrich D Martin Heinrich D
New Mexico (2) Harry Teague D Steve Pearce R
New Mexico (3) Ben Lujan D Ben Lujan D
New York (1) Tim Bishop D Tim Bishop D
New York (2) Steve Israel D Steve Israel D
New York (3) Peter King R Peter King R
New York (4) Carolyn McCarthy D Carolyn McCarthy D
New York (5) Gary Ackerman D Gary Ackerman D
New York (6) Gregory Meeks D Gregory Meeks D
New York (7) Joseph Crowley D Joseph Crowley D
New York (8) Jerrold Nadler D Jerrold Nadler D
New York (9) Anthony Weiner D Anthony Weiner D
New York (10) Edolphus Towns D Edolphus Towns D
New York (11) Yvette Clarke D Yvette Clarke D
New York (12) Nydia Velazquez D Nydia Velazquez D
New York (13) Michael McMahon D Mike Grimm R
New York (14) Carolyn Maloney D Carolyn Maloney D
New York (15) Charles Rangel D Charles Rangel D
New York (16) Jose Serrano D Jose Serrano D
New York (17) Elliot Engel D Elliot Engel D
New York (18) Nita Lowey D Nita Lowey D
New York (19) John Hall D Nan Hayworth R
New York (20) Scott Murphy D Christopher Gibson R
New York (21) Paul Tonko D Paul Tonko D
New York (22) Maurice Hinchey D Maurice Hinchey D
New York (23) Bill Owens D Bill Owens D
New York (24) Michael Arcuri D Richard Hanna R
New York (25) Daniel Maffei D Too Close to Call
New York (26) Christopher Lee R Christopher Lee R
New York (27) Brian Higgins D Brian Higgins D
New York (28) Louise Slaughter D Louise Slaughter D
New York (29) Eric Massa- Resigned D Thomas Reed R
North Carolina (1) G.K. Butterfield D G.K. Butterfield D
North Carolina (2) Bob Etheridge D Renee Ellmers R
North Carolina (3) Walter Jones R Walter Jones R
North Carolina (4) David Price D David Price D
North Carolina (5) Virginia Foxx R Virginia Foxx R
North Carolina (6) Howard Coble R Howard Coble R
North Carolina (7) Mike McIntyre D Mike McIntyre D
North Carolina (8) Larry Kissell D Larry Kissell D
North Carolina (9) Sue Myrick R Sue Myrick R
North Carolina (10) Patrick McHenry R Patrick McHenry R
North Carolina (11) Heath Shuler D Heath Shuler D
North Carolina (12) Melvin Watt D Melvin Watt D
North Carolina (13) Brad Miller D Brad Miller D
North Dakota (1) Earl Pomeroy D Rick Berg R
Ohio (1) Steve Driehaus D Steve Chabot R
Ohio (2) Jean Schmidt R Jean Schmidt R
Ohio (3) Michael Turner R Michael Turner R
Ohio (4) Jim Jordan R Jim Jordan R
Ohio (5) Bob Latta R Bob Latta R
Ohio (6) Charles Wilson D Bill Johnson R
Ohio (7) Steve Austria R Steve Austria R
Ohio (8) John Boehner R John Boehner R
Ohio (9) Marcy Kaptur D Marcy Kaptur D
Ohio (10) Dennis Kucinich D Dennis Kucinich D
Ohio (11) Marcia Fudge D Marcia Fudge D
Ohio (12) Patrick Tiberi R Patrick Tiberi R
Ohio (13) Betty Sutton D Betty Sutton D
Ohio (14) Stephen LaTourette R Stephen LaTourette R
Ohio (15) Mary Jo Kilroy D Steve Stivers R
Ohio (16) John Boccieri D Jim Renacci R
Ohio (17) Tim Ryan D Tim Ryan D
Ohio (18) Zach Space D Bob Gibbs R
Oklahoma (1) John Sullivan R John Sullivan R
Oklahoma (2) Dan Boren D Dan Boren D
Oklahoma (3) Frank Lucas R Frank Lucas R
Oklahoma (4) Tom Cole R Tom Cole R
Oklahoma (5) Mary Fallin- Running for Governor R James Lankford R
Oregon (1) David Wu D David Wu D
Oregon (2) Greg Walden R Greg Walden R
Oregon (3) Earl Blumenauer D Earl Blumenauer D
Oregon (4) Peter DeFazio D Peter DeFazio D
Oregon (5) Kurt Schrader D Kurt Schrader D
Pennsylvania (1) Robert Brady D Robert Brady D
Pennsylvania (2) Chaka Fattah D Chaka Fattah D
Pennsylvania (3) Kathy Dahlkemper D Mike Kelly R
Pennsylvania (4) Jason Altmire D Jason Altmire D
Pennsylvania (5) Glenn Thompson R Glenn Thompson R
Pennsylvania (6) Jim Gerlach R Jim Gerlach R
Pennsylvania (7) Joe Sestak- Running for Senate D Patrick Meehan R
Pennsylvania (8) Patrick Murphy D Michael Fitzpatrick R
Pennsylvania (9) Bill Shuster R Bill Shuster R
Pennsylvania (10) Christopher Carney D Thomas Marino R
Pennsylvania (11) Paul Kanjorski D Lou Barletta R
Pennsylvania (12) Mark Critz D Mark Critz D
Pennsylvania (13) Allyson Schwartz D Allyson Schwartz D
Pennsylvania (14) Mike Doyle D Mike Doyle D
Pennsylvania (15) Charles Dent R Charles Dent R
Pennsylvania (16) Joseph Pitts R Joseph Pitts R
Pennsylvania (17) Tim Holden D Tim Holden D
Pennsylvania (18) Tim Murphy R Tim Murphy R
Pennsylvania (19) Todd Platts R Todd Platts R
Puerto Rico Pedro Pierluisi R Next Election in 2012
Rhode Island (1) Patrick Kennedy- Retiring D David Cicilline D
Rhode Island (2) James Langevin D James Langevin D
South Carolina (1) Henry Brown- Retiring R Time Scott R
South Carolina (2) Joe Wilson R Joe Wilson R
South Carolina (3) Barrett Gresham- Running for Governor R Jeff Duncan R
South Carolina (4) Bob Inglis- Defeated in Primary R Trey Gowdy R
South Carolina (5) John Spratt D Mick Mulvaney R
South Carolina (6) James Clyburn D James Clyburn D
South Dakota (1) Stephanie Herseth Sandlin D Kristi Noem R
Tennessee (1) Phil Roe R Phil Roe R
Tennessee (2) John Duncan R John Duncan R
Tennessee (3) Zach Wamp- Running for Governor R Chuck Fleischmann R
Tennessee (4) Lincoln Davis D Scott DesJarlais R
Tennessee (5) Jim Cooper D Jim Cooper D
Tennessee (6) Bart Gordon- Retiring D Diane Black R
Tennessee (7) Marsha Blackburn R Marsha Blackburn R
Tennessee (8) John Tanner- Retiring D Stephen Fincher R
Tennessee (9) Steve Cohen D Steve Cohen D
Texas (1) Louis Gohmert R Louis Gohmert R
Texas (2) Ted Poe R Ted Poe R
Texas (3) Sam Johnson R Sam Johnson R
Texas (4) Ralph Hall R Ralph Hall R
Texas (5) Jeb Hensarling R Jeb Hensarling R
Texas (6) Joe Barton R Joe Barton R
Texas (7) John Culberson R John Culberson R
Texas (8) Kevin Brady R Kevin Brady R
Texas (9) Al Green D Al Green D
Texas (10) Michael McCaul R Michael McCaul R
Texas (11) Mike Conaway R Mike Conaway R
Texas (12) Kay Granger R Kay Granger R
Texas (13) Mac Thornberry R Mac Thornberry R
Texas (14) Ron Paul R Ron Paul R
Texas (15) Ruben Hinojosa D Ruben Hinojosa D
Texas (16) Silvestre Reyes D Silvestre Reyes D
Texas (17) Chet Edwards D Bill Flores R
Texas (18) Sheila Jackson Lee D Sheila Jackson Lee D
Texas (19) Randy Neugebauer R Randy Neugebauer R
Texas (20) Charles Gonzalez D Charles Gonzalez D
Texas (21) Lamar Smith R Lamar Smith R
Texas (22) Pete Olson R Pete Olson R
Texas (23) Ciro Rodriguez D Quico Canseco R
Texas (24) Kenny Marchant R Kenny Marchant R
Texas (25) Lloyd Doggett D Lloyd Doggett D
Texas (26) Michael Burgess R Michael Burgess R
Texas (27) Solomon Ortiz D Too Close to Call
Texas (28) Henry Cuellar D Henry Cuellar D
Texas (29) Gene Green D Gene Green D
Texas (30) Eddie Bernice Johnson D Eddie Bernice Johnson D
Texas (31) John Carter R John Carter R
Texas (32) Pete Sessions R Pete Sessions R
Utah (1) Rob Bishop R Rob Bishop R
Utah (2) Jim Matheson D Jim Matheson D
Utah (3) Jason Chaffetz R Jason Chaffetz R
Vermont (1) Peter Welch D Peter Welch D
Virginia (1) Robert Wittman R Robert Wittman R
Virginia (2) Glenn Nye D Scott Rigell R
Virginia (3) Bobby Scott D Bobby Scott D
Virginia (4) Randy Forbes R Randy Forbes R
Virginia (5) Tom Perriello R Robert Hurt R
Virginia (6) Bob Goodlatte R Bob Goodlatte R
Virginia (7) Eric Cantor R Eric Cantor R
Virginia (8) Jim Moran D Jim Moran D
Virginia (9) Rick Boucher D Morgan Griffith R
Virginia (10) Frank Wolf R Frank Wolf R
Virginia (11) Gerald Connolly D Too Close to Call
Washington (1) Jay Inslee D Jay Inslee D
Washington (2) Rick Larsen D John Koster R
Washington (3) Brian Baird - Retiring D Jaime Herrera R
Washington (4) Doc Hastings R Doc Hastings R
Washington (5) Cathy McMorris Rodgers R Cathy McMorris Rodgers R
Washington (6) Norman Dicks D Norman Dicks D
Washington (7) Jim McDermott D Jim McDermott D
Washington (8) Dave Reichart R Dave Reichart R
Washington (9) Adam Smith D Too Close to Call
West Virginia (1) Alan Mollohan- Defeated in Primary D David McKinley R
West Virginia (2) Shelley Moore Capito R Shelley Moore Capito R
West Virginia (3) Nick Rahall D Nick Rahall D
Wisconsin (1) Paul Ryan R Paul Ryan R
Wisconsin (2) Tammy Baldwin D Tammy Baldwin D
Wisconsin (3) Ron Kind D Ron Kind D
Wisconsin (4) Gwen Moore D Gwen Moore D
Wisconsin (5) James Sensenbrenner R James Sensenbrenner R
Wisconsin (6) Thomas Petri R Thomas Petri R
Wisconsin (7) David Obey- Retiring D Sean Duffy R
Wisconsin (8) Steve Kagen D Reid Ribble R
Wyoming (1) Cynthia Lummis R Cynthia Lummis R

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